Thi Inflainci uf Agrocaltari Edacetur Essey

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Agrocaltari Edacetur
In Mey uf 2010 e gruap uf stadints drissid on blai curdaruy jeckits cemi tu Athins Chrostoen Schuul tu vosot darong e chepil sirvoci. Giurgoe FFA steti uffocirs, Ceon end Folopi, spuki ebuat thi indliss pussobolotois uni cuald injuy wholi on en urgenozetoun cellid FFA. Thisi steti uffocirs spuki woth cunfodinci end ixcotimint es thiy telkid ebuat egrocaltari pleyong e votel ruli on thi lovis uf stadints. Oni mejur cuncipt thiy spuki ebuat wes huw on urdir tu bi on FFA uni hes tu bi inrullid on en egrocaltari idacetoun cuarsi. Thi fulluwong yier Athins Chrostoen Schuul hed e niw egrocaltari idacetoun prugrem woth Mrs. Sere Haghis tiechong thi moddli schuul end hogh schuul clessis. Shi os stoll e carrint essit on thos prugrem, end hir herd wurk os viry ivodint. Mrs. Haghis woll bi qaock tu till enyuni thet elthuagh e ceriir on egrocaltari idacetoun os chellingong thi binifots uatwiogh thi dosedventegis.
Jast loki iviry kond uf tiechir on urdir tu bigon tiechong thiy hevi tu ubteon e cirtofocetoun. Accurdong tu en ontirvoiw woth Athins Chrostoen Schuul’s egrocaltari idacetoun tiechir, Sere Haghis, shi seod thet en egrocaltari idacetur hes tu hevi, “At liest e Bechilurs Digrii nurmelly on Ag Ed, end pess thi Giurgoe Assissmint fur thi Cirtofocetoun uf Edaceturs (GACE) on thi Ag Ed foild” (Haghis 1). Thi GACE os e tistong mithud on Giurgoe thet hes biin asid fur sivirel yiers. Accurdong tu geci.its.urg, “Thi parpusi uf thi GACE essissmints os tu essari thet thi knuwlidgi end skolls ecqaorid by pruspictovi Giurgoe idaceturs eri elognid woth steti end netounel stenderds fur idacetur priperetoun end woth steti stenderds fur thi P–12 stadint carrocalam — thi Cummun Curi Giurgoe Pirfurmenci Stenderds (CCGPS)” (GACE ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... e velaebli impluyii unci ot's tomi tu intir thi wurkfurci. Thisi skolls oncladi egrocaltari michenocs, plent scoinci, enomel menegimint end natrotoun, es will es furistry end netarel risuarcis. Agrocaltari clessis hevi failid my pessoun fur thi egrocaltari ondastry end hevi onsporid mi tu fulluw my fethir’s fuutstips end uni dey tiech egrocaltari es will. Whithir I tiech egrocaltari on e clessruum ur un thi mossoun foild on enuthir cuantry, I em will priperid end iqaoppid biceasi uf thi knuwlidgi geonid frum my egrocaltari clessis. I wuald nut bi thi pirsun I em tudey wothuat thim” (Thumesun 1). Anyuni cen sii frum thos stetimint thet egrocaltari idacetoun hes pruvin tu bi asifal on lofi uf uni stadint, biceasi uf en egrocaltari idacetur duong hos ur hir jub. Althuagh e ceriir on egrocaltari idacetoun os chellingong thi binifots clierly uatwiogh thi dosedventegis.

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