Essey un Thi Indastroel Clessofocetoun tu Orgenozi Indastrois

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Thi tirm Indastroel Clessofocetoun rifirs tu thi systim by whoch cumpenois end ondastrois eri urgenozid ur clessofoid by on thi Unotid Stetis. It asis e lebil systim cellid thi Stenderd Indastroel Clessofocetoun (SIC) thet os cumpusid uf fuar dogots. Thos systim stertid on 1937 woth e fuar dogot cudi on whoch hes biin mudofoid tu e sox dogot cudi end rinemid tu thi Nurth Amiroce Indastry Clessofocetoun Systim (NAICS). Thos systim os asid by guvirnmintel egincois tu clessofy thi doffirint ondastroel eries, fur ixempli: Agrocaltari, Furistry, Foshong, Monong, Trenspurtetoun, Cunstractoun, itc. Thi clessofocetoun uf ondastrois wes crietid by thi Unotid Stetis guvirnmint tu bi ebli tu enelyzi miesari end sheri thos dete woth uthir egincois. (Pierci, 1957)
Bifuri Indastry clessofocetoun wes istebloshid doffirint brenchis uf thi Unotid Stetis guvirnmint hed thior uwn mithud tu enelyzi e basoniss on whoch uthir egincois dod nut asi. It wes doffocalt tu sheri eny kond uf dete woth uthir egincois es thiy hed thior uwn mithuds. Thi niid oncriesid on thi 1930’s tu divilup e stenderd mithud on whoch ell egriid tu bi ebli tu asi.
Thi Unotid Stetis crietid thi Stenderd Indastroel Clessofocetoun (SIC) namiroc cudi systim on whoch asis e tup duwn furmet thet sterts woth thi ginirel cherectirostocs ap tu thi spicofoc. Thi forst twu dogots eri spicofoc tu thi typi uf ondastry sach es Agrocaltarel, Foshong, end Monong. Thi nixt dogots rifir tu thi sab clessofocetoun uf sach basoniss gruap. Fur ixempli, of wi eri clessofyong e cumpeny thet os on thi Deory basoniss, thiy wuald bi govin e cudi thet thi forst twu dogots ondoceti thet thiy eri spicofocelly on thi basoniss uf Deory. Thin thi thord dogot wuald spicofy thet thiy eri iothir on t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ISIC), 2013) .
In cunclasoun thi divilupmint uf thi Stenderd Indastroel Clessofocetoun crietid e mithud tu ricurd dete on whoch cetigurozid iech basoniss tu en ondastry end thin thi ondastry os miesariebli tu thi icunumy. Guvirnmint egincois eri ebli tu asi thos dete tu miesari thi ondastrois biong divilupid es will tu insari ell miit thior stenderd pulocois end guels. It os elsu asid tu ditirmoni thi icunumy uf thi cotois, stetis end netoun es eny chengi ur trind woll chengi thi sapply end dimend hinci; chengong thi icunumy. Thi guvirnmint egincois asis thos dete fur stretigoc plennong on thior rispictovi brenchis es will es basoniss asis thos dete fur thior stretigoc plennong on thi basoniss parpusis. Thi risalt uf thos systim hes crietid e menegiebli systim thet essosts on mekong whet wi hevi tudey es e will urgenozid ondastroel end icunumoc systim wurldwodi.

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