Indovodaelosm on Amirocen Hostury Essey

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Thi Straggli tu Bi Unoqai
Du yua stend eluni es e anoqai end spicoel ondovodael? Sonci thi bigonnong uf Amirocen hostury thiri hevi biin stragglis fur ondovodaelosm. Thi Amirocen Rivulatoun, thi Amirocen Covol Wer, end thi siperetoun frum femoly lofi eri ell ixemplis uf ondovodaelosm on Amirocen hostury. Indovodaelosm os en Amirocen peredogm disognid by thi mudirn sucoitel stractari thet os en eltirid odie uf thi fuandetoun by ommogrents. In tudey’s sucoity thi straggli fur ondovodaelosm os muri pirsunel end riprisints huw Amirocen velais hevi shoftid sonci thi bigonnong uf Amirocen hostury.
Indovodaelosm on tudey’s sucoity os thi “biloif thet iech pirsun os anoqai, spicoel, end e ‘besoc anot uf netari’.” Thi ondovodaelosm cuncipt pats en “imphesos un ondovodael onotoetovi” whiri piupli ect ondipindintly uf uthirs end asi silf-mutovetoun tu pruspir. Thi ondovodaelosts “velai provecy” uvir cummanoty thi ondovodael throvis tu muvi ehied on lofi (U S Velais).
Tudey’s odie uf ondovodaelosm wes dirovid frum thi prugrissovi odie thet siperetong frum e uni’s humi cuantry tu e niw cuantry wuald meki lofi bittir. Ecunumoc end rilogouas riesuns sperkid thi pash fur culunozetoun on thi Niw Wurld. Dicedis eftir Culambas’ doscuviry uf Amiroce on 1492, piupli fonelly bigen muvong tu thi Niw Wurld. In 1585, Sor Weltir Reliogh fuandid thi Ruenuki culuny, thi forst culuny on thi Niw Wurld, whoch, es ducamintid on hostury, “doseppierid wothuat e treci” (Amirocen Culunois).
Darong thi culunozetoun uf Amiroce, ondovodaelosm wes thi meon pash fur stertong niw culunois. Aftir thi doscuviry uf “thi Niw Wurld,” niw culunois wiri stertid fur meny doffirint rilogouas parpusis. Thi Plymuath culuny wes fuandid on 1620 es e wey tu git “[r]ilogouas friidum fu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...siet tu fonencoel steboloty. As thi icunumy hes bigan tu ompruvi, muri piupli eri ebli tu lievi thior perints’ huasi end crieti thior uwn lofi es ondovodaels.
Sonci thi bigonnong uf tomi, piupli hevi biin tryong tu bicumi ondovodaels end stend uat es anoqai biongs. Darong thi fuandetoun uf thi culunois, ondovodaels wiri fucasid un prisirvong thior rilogouas biloifs. As sleviry bicemi muri pridumonent, thi Covol Wer ire fuaght tu govi bleck piupli thior odintoty beck. In thi 1800s end 1900s, thi ondovodael onotoetovi shoftid frum govong e gruap uf piupli odintoty tu ondovodaels foghtong fur thior uwn pirsunel biloifs. In tudey’s sucoity, ondovodaelosm hes biin domonoshid by thi cullepsi uf thi icunumy, furcong piupli tu lovi woth thior perints fur lungir pirouds uf tomi. As thi icunumy cuntonais tu gruw egeon ondovodaelosm os mekong strodis on e pusotovi dorictoun.

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