The Incredible Success of Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay

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Macbeth is performed over two thousand times each year and as a result makes it one of the most produced plays ever. William Shakespeare is by far the greatest playwright to ever live. He inspired many, and 420 years have gone by and he is still known and his plays are read. Shakespeare’s eloquent words and famous quotes are what make his plays interesting. In Macbeth, the flow Shakespeare’s ideas throughout the various lines are put in a way that they create a mood for the audience and intrigue them more in what’s is happening. Shakespeare’s distinctive use of iambic pentameter, expressive style and most importantly his use of literary elements amplify the dialect in Macbeth. Irony, similes and alliterations are used to attract and confound the Elizabethan audience.

An important kind of figurative language used repetitively in Macbeth simile, which is a comparison between two unlike things using the words like or as. Shakespeare used similes to emphasize certain traits in each of the characters in Macbeth, and to help the audience understand and form a mental image of what he is trying to communicate to them. At one point of the play, Lady Macbeth addresses her husband and compares him to a flower:
Your hand, your tongue; look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under’t (I, v, 64-65)

Lady Macbeth says that Macbeth’s hand and tongue look like the innocent flower in order to show that he only appears to be pure and good, but is a serpent underneath; meaning the truth behind his appearance is the complete opposite. Shakespeare used this simile to add to the importance of the fact the Macbeth has an innocent outer shell and an inner darkness, creating an image where he is related to a flower. By doing this, the a...

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...nge into a vague sense of fear because they are reminded of how terrible Duncan’s death really was.

William Shakespeare is a writer whose work amazed many different people all around the world. His poetry and plays is still an important asset to one’s education after all this time. And even though he was born with this incredible talent, he also used a technique of writing that made his different pieces even more beautiful and exquisite. In one of his most famous plays Macbeth; he uses figures of speech and literary devices such as similes, alliterations, and irony to make the story more interesting and clear for his Elizabethan audience. This style of writing that he mastered so well made Macbeth unique and more developed than other works, which turned into a greater success altogether. And that is what gives Macbeth its spark to create a fireball of success.

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