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The Importance of the Access and Foundation Course

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The Importance of the Access and Foundation Course

The eassy is aimed at the reason why I am doing access and foundation course,and why it will lead to a degree will be consist of the reason why I chose the access and foundation,and what I will achieve at the end of the programme.All the reasons will be in paragraphs to explain.

Second chance with the access and foundation course to gain a degree qualification.

I never have the chance to understand higher education standard and the requirements properly, until when I join the access and foundation course.i come to this programme so that I can have a cleared understanding,better knowledge and what is expected in further will also prepared me for any educational opportunity that I may encounter in the furure. With the access and foundation course, it helps and encourages people who are determine willing to will give me kowledg,understanding and what to do to gain a better qualification in life.i will also have experience in higher education,exams ,essay writing and most of all on how to approach them.

The reason why am doing the access and foundation course is to gain a good and better qualification that will lead to my media degree.this course will teach meall the things that I need for my degree……I chose to do media degree because it gives me many opportunity in job wise,I also like asking question,watching the t.v and reading newspapers, analysing some of their which I enjoy very has alwys been my passion to to be a journalist.i am really inspired by the people in the media,people like SIR TREVOR MCDOALD.ANDREW MARR AND NATAHSA KAPILISKY.i know tht the humanities pathway is the best and it will lead to my degree choice.the pathway will developed my skills in writing, researching[ie finding information] ,new thinking method in which I will use for journalism required.i chose to study it the university of wales Newport because of it’s reputation.the teaching,the lecturers and most of It all, it’s academic achievement in the pats years.i know that , this university will give me all the support that I may need for my degree.they will also advice me if I have any doubts .

The career that I will gain from this ourse is something I always wanted. It involved meeting other people from all aspect of which journalism is all will lead to a better job,better salary and a career of a life time.but the only way to do this is by doing the access and foundation theend of the course then I will know that I have reach my goal that I have set for myself in years.until then, I will do my level best to build a long life career and also be able to achieved what I want. I know that the ceareer that I have chose is right for me and I will be do what ever it take to achieve it.

I am normally a shy person,whin It comes to talking in class or participating of such.but since I join the access and foundation course,I started to build myself up slowly.sometimes I get shy in class or in public and at the end I do not say nothing at all,by meeting other people from the same kind of situation and some of them I can relate to ,makes me more confortable..they encourage me, help me if I need it ,in which I never tough I will never expect.but the best of it all is the tutors,they so wounderful,they help me assist in any way possible,encouragement and the support,is far better than high school or college.they let me express myself in anyway that I feel confortable without any communication skills are impoving ,they let me study in my own space,but my class mates are so helpful. I never developed a good study skills in high school and in college.there was nothing like sstudy in you own space and you where only assist if you asked for it.but this course though me how to developed good study skills and understanding of what is expected of me and in further I can say that I can talk and participate in class without been in another words it have build my confidence up.

I could not have done with the help and support of my family.they been so supportive and so encouraging that I was determine to come back to education.they respected my decision.they said to me go on and do your education and make your dreams come I thank them for making join the access and foundation course.i would not have meet all this people from different circumstance similar to mine,in which I appreciated a lot.

In conclusion I will like to that joining the access and foundation course was the best decision I ever made.this course have given me a second chance of education and in return I will gain media degree for the future.all the chances I have in having good job and better salary is because of the access and foundation I thank everyone for their support.

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