The Importance of Performance Appraisal

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The Importance of Performance Appraisal
Important of appraising and managing performance
Managing performance helps organizations create sustainable. Sustainable does not only mean reducing cost and process change. In organizations, people are the most important asset; people implement changing programs and make changes happen. So if organizations want to develop and sustain, they must focus on evaluation their people, when people have good performance that means organizations are developing and sustaining. For example in the UK is public service reform. Hospitals, universities, schools, government departments are just a few of the areas where there is huge expectation around reform. While all of the people who work in these organizations, are hugely committed and often real experts in their own field, some may have spent their entire career in one type of organization and maybe in one discipline. The focus of their continued professional development has been on technical excellence. Some might have had basic training in management and leadership but few will have had exposure to commercial business practices.

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Managing performance helps organization recognize “smart” people. There is a difference between working hard and working smart. Some individuals prefer to work in a state of chaos. It provides them with the challenge that perhaps the job does not. They can battle disorganization instead of strolling along doing the job. Making substantial achievements for them always has the appearance of running a marathon. Smart workers, on the other hand, may appear to be doing the equivalent of cycling downhill with their feet on the handlebars because they have the job so well structured. They know that both sets of results, from the hard and the smart approaches have equivalent value and they would be very unhappy if their sweating co-worker was rewarded with praise and they were not. So when organizations evaluate their employee’s performance, they will know who really creates productivity and who does not. For example, in my former company, my partner was a man who worked very hard, everyday he was the earliest who came to company, and he prepared everything for his working, at the first time I thought he was a very good partner, but I was wrong, when I worked with him, I realized that he did many thing at the same time, everything he just did a half work and rarely finished his job. Although he worked very hard, his result was very bad.
Performance improvement will create the greatest benefits. It's important to think about both what benefits employees could provide today and those potential benefits that they could deliver later. At this stage, the longer list is better their eventual results will probably be. At this point, don't rule anything out. For now, encourage employees to open their mind as wide as they can. This process will work best if employees apply this thinking to one customer, product or service at a time. How might employees take that most potentially valuable new benefit toward the maximum? A good brainstorming session is called for here. Gather people from a variety of backgrounds. Describe the new benefit that organizations want to take to the nth degree, and ask each person to describe as many ways as possible that the nth degree might be reached. As before, place no limits on ideas.
Managing performance helps organization develop coaching programs for their employees. A coach depends on employee’s performance and works individually with employees, helping them to overcome setbacks and obstacles to progress forward. They know and understand how their players respond to different types of motivation and how their family life and health impact their performance. The majority of coaching is done on a very frequent basis. You simply don't wait for the big match to deliver your advice to the team in the way the 'manager as spectator' does. You work very closely with everyone in the team, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your defense and your strikers before they are tested under pressure. I remembered the first when I worked as process consultant, HR management asked me to do a test, after I did this test, HR manager told me that I had problem with my public speaking skill, especially negotiation skill, and HR manager designed training program that focused on public speaking and negotiation skill. After one month, I found that my skill improved and I could deal with my customers easily.
How HR staffs need to shape managerial behavior to enable better organization performance
HR staffs will decide which whom organization will hire, to chose the right candidate HR staffs have to understand about job position, which skills need for that position. So HR staffs should have additional knowledge and information not possessed by, although available to, other employees. They use it as a starting point for acquiring “know-how” and “know-about.” They should find all the organization’s informational resources -- databases, manuals and other print publications, audio/video publications and even other knowledgeable employees. They build their own knowledge base from those resources and then continuously add to it from outside sources.
They should be creative and inventive. When a top performer discovers that the practices or implements at his disposal are inadequate, he should invents the job tools, techniques, devices, implements, practices or systems necessary to do or improve his work. For example, in my former company, when HR manager found that it was really difficult to find good people for process consultant position, he implemented a linking plan with Ho Chi Minh Polytechnic University to give excellent students scholarship and the company would hire these students when they graduated.
HR staffs have to clear their mission, vision and values. If employee is not personally grounded in a strong sense of mission, he has no clarity of vision, he is unsure of his personal values and the behavior he expects of himself and he will, quite simply, never become a high performing business person.
HR staff has to learn how to communicate effectively, because their work relate to people in organizations, they must learn how to explain easily, how to motivate others… For example, when my former company had problems, many employees wanted to quit job, but HR manager told them about problem, the way company solved problem, and he drew a bright future for all members, the way he spoke, his tone made people feel that he was very confident about future, and the company had found the way to solve problem. Besides, If they are going to give a criticism, it's often a good idea to balance it with something positive first. That helps to keep the relationship basically positive, and also makes it more likely that the subordinate will listen and accept the criticism. Sometimes HR staff’s job requires them to tell others what to do. Sometimes they don't have that power, but you want to give some direction based on their expertise and experience. If they already have the authority, they may not want to act in an overly autocratic manner. If they don't have the authority, they still may want the person to take their comments seriously. In either case, "May I make a suggestion?" is an effective way to get your point across
HR staffs have to be seriously in job description. Organizations often go to great lengths to set out the job purpose, relationships and responsibilities. Despite this there is still often a lack of clarity with regard to roles. When people are clear on their role and how it fits into the overall deliverables then better performance is achieved. When I went to visit a garment company, a technical officer and a worker were arguing, I asked them for the reason, and they told me that the reason was the responsibility. The technical officer thought that worker had to adjust needle position on sewing machine to adapt new T-Shirt, and the worker thought that technical officer had to do that. I went to find their job description, and I found that their job description only said that they should adjusted parameter to adapt new product, and they did not say that technical officer and worker had to adjust which part of sewing machine
To evaluate performance, HR staffs have to develop standards and performance criteria. When staffs are clear on the standards to be achieved, and know how performance is to be measured, they have a greater chance of success. For example, when I went to a company to consult them about productivity, I depended on the job of each department to create a check list for each department; they depend on this to evaluate performance of each member of the department.
HR staffs have to commit that they will do all their best to find the best one for the organizations, they have to do their job by their. They are committed to organizations goals above and beyond their personal goals and agendas.
HR staffs have to be faith in each other to honor commitments, maintain confidences, support each other and generally behave predictably and consistently.
Continuous Improvement: HR staffs understand the importance of continuous improvement; have the tools, knowledge and time at their disposal to make Continuous Improvement really happen. All improvement efforts are done in support of the organization's goals and objectives.

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