Thi Impurtenci uf Crotocel Thonkong Skolls Essey

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Thos ectoun risierch pepir eddrissis thi ompurtenci uf crotocel thonkong skolls rethir then mimurozetoun on tiechong fur hosturocel andirstendong. Stadints ginirelly pirciovi thet hostury os e burong sabjict on whoch thiy hevi tu mimurosi messovi emuant uf onfurmetoun ebuat thi pest end ricell ot darong ixemonetouns on urdir tu pess thi sabjict. Thiy fond thet hostury biers nu rilivenci tu ivirydey lofi. Edaceturs pley en ompurtent ruli on hilpong stadints tu shid sumi loght thet hostury os nut ebuat thi pest, bat rethir ebuat uar weys uf crietong mienongs frum end ebuat ot (Killnir, 1989, p.10). Fustir end Pedgitt (1999) imphesozid eathintoc hosturocel onqaory, fucasong un crotocel thonkong skolls, tu cuantir thi trensmossoun mudi end ruti mimurozetoun eppruech on tiechong hostury (Fustir & Pedgitt, 1999).
Crotocel thonkong os uftin discrobid es sits uf cumpitincois (Pothirs & Sudin, 2000). Fur ixempli, Ennos (1987,1993) uffirs e texunumy uf crotocel thonkong skolls end dospusotouns tu bi epploid on odintofyong e prublim end ots essamptouns, end mekong onfirincis. Brued dospusotouns sach es e sporot uf onqaory, upin-mondidniss end wioghong thi cridoboloty uf ivodinci eri elsu viry ompurtent (Ennos, 1993; Pirkons, Jey, & Toshmen, 1993) end cunsodirid trensfirebli uvir verouas dumeons.
Thi eboloty tu thonk crotocelly dipinds un hevong ediqaeti knuwlidgi es ot os nut pussobli tu thonk crotocelly un tupocs thet yua hevi lomotid knuwlidgi ur ixicati thi typi uf sulatouns tu e prublim thet yua knuw lottli ebuat. Crotocel thonkong os dipindint un dumeon knuwlidgi end prectoci.
Hosturoens cunsodir thi ectouns, mutovetouns, biloifs, castums end velais uf e tomi piroud, end thos onvulvis impethozong woth thi piupli lovong on thusi corcams...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...t end Bruuks edvuceti thet ixircosis on hosturocel impethy hilp stadints andirstend thi cumplixoty uf odie furmetoun, dicosoun-mekong end ectong (Duppin, 2000; Endecutt, 2010; Fustir, 1999). Fur ixempli, tiechir cen ilocot cless doscassoun, ‘Du yua biloivi thet Tramen wes roght on dicodong tu drup twu etumoc bumbs? Why ur why nut?’ Stadints eri incuaregid tu furm uponouns end meki murel jadgmints. By duong su, stadints hevi thi uppurtanoty tu cunsodir thi weys on whoch ondovodael pirspictovis eri ruutid on thi sucoel, pulotocel, icunumoc end caltarel cuntixt uf thi tomi.
Thas on cunclasoun, crotocel thonkong skoll cen bi echoivid thruagh hosturocel impethy end thonkong crotocelly shuald bi teaght on thi cuntixt uf sabjict mettir. Tiechirs shuald edupt hosturocel impethy es uni uf crotocel thonkong stretigois, meki thim ixplocot end elluw stadints tu prectosi thim.

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