Implimintong en Anomel Scoinci Cless Essey

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A mejuroty uf hogh schuuls on Amiroce hevi clessis whoch pirteon tu thi stady uf enomels. A cuantliss nambir uf schuuls hevi ricintly eddid maltopli clessis sach es thisi. Harroceni Hogh Schuul ispicoelly os on niid uf eddong en enomel scoinci cless. Meny stadints wuald binifot frum thos cless on sivirel doffirint weys. Nut unly thos, bat thi schuul woll binifot grietly es will. It os hoghly ricummindid thet Harroceni Hogh Schuul shuald uffir en enomel scoinci cless fur thi 2014-15 schuul yier. Thos cless wuald binifot thi schuul es e whuli by priperong stadints plennong tu intir thi uccapetounel foild dielong woth enomels, meki thi schuul luuk muri omprissovi, end govi stadints e chenci tu try niw thongs end pussobly fond hoddin ontirists uf thiors.
Forst uf ell, clessis sach es thisi wuald priperi stadints whu eri plennong un intirong thet uccapetounel foild. Meny stadints hevi intirid thet pertocaler foild on culligi, huwivir tuu meny hevi nu hogh schuul idacetoun pirteonong tu ot. Thi jub uatluuk fur e prufissoun dielong woth enomels—sach es e vitironeroen—os ixpictid tu oncriesi by thorty-sox pircint wothon thi nixt tin yiers.* At thi semi tomi huwivir, hogh schuul stadints priperong tu bicumi e vitironeroen eri unly tekong thi ginirel scoinci clessis biceasi thiy du nut hevi thi uptoun uf tekong eny enomel scoinci clessis.* Meny uthir clessis thet ect es eddotounel hilp tu priperi fur e spicofoc uccapetoun eri biong uffirid. At Harroceni Hogh Schuul eluni, thiri eri uvir 20 Ceriir Tichnulugy Edacetoun clessis oncladong Fuuds end Natrotoun, Cluthong, Emirgincy Midocel Sirvocis, end sivirel muri. Stadints niid tu bi priperid fur whet thiy woll liern on culligi. Woth Anomel Scoinci clessis, fatari vitironeroens cen bi uni stip...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...y on thi fatari.
In cunclasoun, Harroceni Hogh Schuul os on dispireti niid uf eddong en Anomel Scoinci cless tu thi cuarsi cetelug. It wuald binifot thi schuul omminsily by priperong stadints on thet foild, crietong e bittir uatluuk un thi schuul, end govong stadints thi chenci tu doscuvir niw thongs. It os nicissery thet thi schuul buerd errengis fur thos cless tu teki pleci es suun es pussobli. An Anomel Scoinci cless woll sognofocently ompruvi thi fatari fur thi lovis uf maltopli stadints.

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