The Impact of Online Social Networks Essay

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Twitter, Skype, Facebook these are just a few of the online social networks we utilize day to day, which has made connecting to others easier than before. A social network is a structure made up of individuals or organizations that are tied by one or more specific types of relationships such as friendships. Although traditionally operated with person to person contact, it is now more popular online through social media networks such as Facebook and Skype. There are millions of persons with wide ranges of personalities who are looking to develop new friendships or to simply become a part of a group in order to share information on these websites. As of July 2011, Facebook which continues to be the most popular social network had 750 million active users compared to February 2009 when it was at a mere 175 million. Given the ubiquitous presence of online social networks, it is not surprising that they have revolutionized society through communication which provides fast access to information, providing a platform for socialization with different cultures then transforming the world into a global village.
Social Networking Websites are beneficial for those willing to meet new friends in order to be introduced to new cultures therefore becoming diverse and well rounded individuals. “Social Networks have crossed another milestone” states Sengupta (2011) in his article, and with an increase of memberships on online social networks, it is only a sign of how these websites have transformed not only the lives of ordinary people but also communication and socialization. With more and more individuals joining online social networks, the global village of these networks will only continue to expand and with this expansion, socialization will ...

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...cruitment of employees. The revolution of Online Social Networks has just started and with time we can only wonder how better it will get.

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