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Human Cloning is Playing God

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Human cloning is it ethical? I think that human cloning should be banned. The president's stand on human cloning is the same, he believes that all forms of cloning should be banned. Sure cloning has its benefits, but it is not our job to "play God." Human cloning is unethical there are also health risks, emotional risks, risks of abuse of the technology, and over population which leads to global warming. Human cloning is immoral, we know little about it which makes it dangerous with lots of risks.
First of all there are health risks, which is the biggest disadvantage with human cloning. People who agree with human cloning agree with it because of the benefits that could do on people?s health, but they should consider the health risks. There are miscarriage deaths, deaths seen after birth, tissue rejection and abnormalities. 10 out of 12 cloned mice born apparently healthy at birth lived less than 800 days. Source: Scotsman ?To subject human beings to cloning is not taking an unknown risk, it's knowingly harming people,? Kilner said. Large percentage of cloning efforts end in fail...

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