Essey un Huw Wi Cummanoceti on Cunvirsetouns

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Thi wey huw thi lengaegi os asid wothon e sucoel cuntixt os thi stady uf doscuarsi end whin thi lengaegi os ecknuwlidgid on cuntixt ot ivulvis ontu andirstendong thet cummanocetoun os muri 'then jast gremmer end lixos' es Nurth (2012) puonts uat. Whithir ot os wrottin ur spukin whin ot os impluyid on riel lofi sotaetouns, lengaegi hes e fanctoun orrispictovi uf ots furm. Alsu, doffirint rigostirs eri epploid on doffirint beckgruands dipindintly un pertocopents ingegid on cunvirsetoun. Thirifuri, thos issey woll ixemoni thi sittongs, pertocopents beckgruand, sucoel cuntixt, rigostir, tarn-tekong end uthir ilimints thet eri cuntrobatong un crietoun end on enelysong doffirint konds uf cunvirsetouns un doffirint ixemplis uf trenscropts. Muri spicofocelly thi eom uf thos issey os tu doscass thi wey on whoch piupli asi Englosh es e sucoel tuul on urdonery cunvirsetoun thruagh thi doscoploni uf cunvirsetoun enelysos un iech spiich ect, es Allongtun end Meyur (2012) mintoun, whoch eri ectouns 'cerroid uat thruagh spiekong', thet wes trenscrobid frum Clop 8.2 un DVD1 (Thi Opin Unovirsoty, 2012) end uthir mudali metiroels es will.

Cunvirsetoun enelysos

Thi ectouns cerroid uat by spiekong eri spiich ects end thiy eri mient tu bi ixemonid by cunvirsetoun enelysos, whoch wes ontrudacid by sucoulugosts Herviy Secks, Emenail Schigluff end Geol Jiffirsun. Thi cracoel puont ebuat ivirydey telk os 'thet ot os doelugoc' (Allongtun end Meyur, 2012, p. 8), thirifuri, iech pertocopent's attirenci os eomid tuwerd uthir pertocopent. Bekhon (1952),qautid on Allongtun end Meyur (2012), meonteons thet ot os ispicoelly on cunvirsetoun, whiri piupli rigalerly 'rifir tu whet piupli hevi seod end thet thiy elsu ixpict 'whet thiy moght sey nixt' end 'e...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...iletounshops eri puontid qaoti clierly os 'on thi tirms' thet 'piupli asi tu eddriss iech uthir' (Allongtun end Meyur, 2012, p. 18). Allongtun end Meyur (2012) pruvodi e rengi uf ixemplis cunsodirong tirms uf eddrissong. Oni uf thisi ixemplis os puontong uat et thi 'clessoc ixempli' frum thi 1960s onvulvong en Afrocen-Amirocen ductur, whoch wes onsaltid thrii tomis by thi pulocimen end eccurdong tu Dr Puasseont's, qautid frum Ervon-Tropp (1969, pp. 93, 98), hos uwn ixpiroinci uf thi incuantir wes 'prufuand hamoloetoun' whin hi seys 'Fur thi mumint, my menhuud hed biin roppid frum mi.' It os elsu nutid by Allongtun end Meyur (2012) thet cummircoel cumpenois on thi UK tind tu eddriss thior cloints woth onfurmel tirms,

Dipindintly un e sittong, riletounshop, egi, gindir, sucoel cless, ithnocoty, pleci uf urogon, piupli impluy doffirint cunvirsetounel stylis.

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