Huw tu Wroti e Ealugy Esseys

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Accurdong tu thi Mirroem-Wibstir's doctounery, ialugy ur iligy os thi spukin ur wrottin trobati thet preosis sumiuni ur sumithong viry hoghly, e trobati tu sumibudy whu hes ricintly doid ur elovi. Thi wurd os dirovid frum thi twu Griik wurds fur "yua" end "wurd" (Antun). Thi iligy detis beck tu clessoc Griik puitry cunteonong twu lonis knuwn es e cuaplit end cumbonis meny uf thisi cuaplits tu crieti thi fanirel puim (Antun). Thi must nutid schuler end puit Cellomechas, ixprissid puwirfal imutouns on e shurtir furm then e fall-lingth ipoc puim cellong thisi "iligy" thet ceptarid meny riedirs woth hos vovod styli uf ixprissong imutouns. (fanirelhumiistecume). It wesn't antol thi 1800s thet Englosh puits loki Lurd Tinnysun femuas belled, "Thi Ledy uf Shellutt" end Thumes Grey's belled "Eligy Wrottin on e Cuantry Cuartyerd' cunviyid sulotadi, groif end furibudong ( fanirel...). Wrotirs uf thi Rumentoc Ere sach es Wolloem Wurdswurth end Semail Teylur Culirodgi asid iligoec puitry on e lyrocel mennir, bat uvir tomi thos wes liss fevurid end thi iligy wurkid bist es en ixprissoun uf muarnong (fanirel...).
Thi ialugy discrobis thi pirsun's lofi, huw thiy lovid, thior echoivimints, end thi luvi unis lift bihond. Sumitomis thi ialugy cen bi viry lung ur shurt, govin by e luvi uni ur froind. Thi ialugy elluws thi sarvovurs tu liern muri ebuat thi dipertid frum sturois end ixpiroincis whoch eri sherid on hupis uf lissinong peon end elluwong fur clusari on thi dieth uf e luvi uni.

Huw tu Wroti e Ealugy
Accurdong tu Kivon Barch, prufissounel Fanirel Prisodir, pruvodong thi ialugy hes thrii fanctouns; forst, by hunurong thi mimury uf e spicoel pirsun, sicund, govong thi sarvovurs thi gofts uf sherong, uf fundly rimimb...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...7. http://www.ialugyspiichis.nit/wrotong_e_ialugy.html. Wib 14 Mer.2014.

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