How Modern Technology Has Changed Medicine, Industry and the Environment

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"Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time." -Bill Gates. Modern Technology has had an impact on the medical field. The medical field benefited from technology. It has benefited from tools such as the scalps (which is used to open up the body) and medical equipment. Medical technology has grown to the point where viruses that affected us before have no affects to us today. One example would be the spanish virus that killed 1/8 of Europe's population. Medical technology has made it so new viruses could be stopped before they do any real harm. One machine can detect cancer cells, so it could be treated before it does anymore harm. We are also going to the point where we can even make our own cells and human bones. All in all, medical technology has advanced. Modern Technology has had an impact on the manufacturing industry. Modern technology has made it easier for the manufacturing industry to make stuff at a faster rate. We could build a lot of cars fast thanks to technology. Manufacturing has made it easier for people to have a surplus of things.We now have surplus of goods. Modern technology has affected technology in a bad way. Manufacturing has made producing stuff more efficient and have more consistency. To sum it up manufacturing has changed they way we produce stuff. Modern Technology has had an impact on the financing industry. Financial has been made easier. We can now pay using the internet, services like paypal make that possible. Financially technology has made business more better. We now have technology that can pay for your things with just a single swipe (Parag.1) We have online shopping where we could buy things without having to step foot outside. To clea...

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