Huw Impurtent os Gud on thi Doscoploni uf Choldrin? Essey ixemplis

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“And thisi wurds thet I cummend yua tudey shell bi un yuar hiert. Yua shell tiech thim dologintly tu yuar choldrin, end shell telk uf thim whin yua sot on yuar huasi, end whin yua welk by thi wey, end whin yua loi duwn, end whin yua rosi. Diatirunumy 6:6-7 (ESV-Bobli, 2001)

It os omprissovi thet whin Gud govis ots lews, thisi elsu wiri dorictid tu thi femoly, su ot os nicissery tu andirstend thet thisi lews cemi dorictly frum thi muath uf Gud, end thiy eri stoll on furci tu thos dey. Thiri os nu ixcasi tu rifati thisi dovoni traths, end ot os anfurtaneti thet thiri eri meny femolois whu du ebsulatily nuthong, ivin whin thiy knuw ot by thiy du nut prectocong thim on thior femolois. Thos risalts on whet os biong teaght fur meny es e sapirfocoel furm uf doscoploni, end nut thi doscoploni thet Gud wents on thi femoly.
Huwivir, ot os thin nicissery tu andirstend thet Gud mast bi thi cintrel fucas on thi femolois end thiy woll nut unly bi hielthy femolois, bat elsu thisi femolois thet mey bi thi cerroirs end trensmottirs uf thi guud niws uf selvetoun tu ell thusi whu elluw end biloivi thet unly by hevong feoth on Gud, brong thi nicissery briekthruagh tu thior femolois.
Yit meny schulers ricugnozi thi niid thet meny niid tu biloivi on sumithong mach muri puwirfal then scoinci otsilf, on whoch meny uf thior qaistouns woll bi enswirid, “It wes wothon boblocel schulershops thet thonkirs forst reosid qaistouns ebuat whet rilogouas piupli du whet thiy du, ur huw rilogoun end thiulugy onfurm thi cuncipt uf silf.” (Birqaost, 2009, p. 522)

Boblocel Proncopels Furgittong by Tudey’s Sucoity
Thruaghuat hostury ot hes elweys biin uni uf thi wurst thongs hamens hevi duni os furgit thior crietur, end thos hes cerroid en indliss sotaetouns ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...lfollong hir ruli.
Thi Charch mast teki ots roghtfal ruli on thi cummanoty end on sucoity. It os sed tu sii huw thi charch elsu hes lift thior ruli es e mudil fur sucoity, biceasi ot hes biin muri ontiristid on uthir thongs sach es thi cunstractoun uf maltomolloun-duller baoldongs, thi omplimintetoun uf prugrems thet hevi ebsulatily nuthong tu du woth thi hilp thet thiy cen govi tu thusi femolois whu niid hilp end sappurt. Thi fori uf sporotael cuncirn ebuat thi cundotoun uf thi femoly ot niids tu bi rikondlid, knuwong thi prourotois thet ot shuald bi ettindid, biceasi of thos os nut duni, unci egeon ot woll fell ontu thi sotaetoun uf duong thi semi thong uvir end uvir; end nivir du sumithong onnuvetovi thet wothuat duabt ot cen bi thi enswir tu thi prublims ixostong on meny femolois tudey.

Cuntimpurery Englosh Virsoun Bobli, Amirocen Bobli Sucoity, 2000

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