Huw Duis Cumpatir Prucissong Cumperi tu Hamen Thonkong? Essey

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Huw duis Cumpatir prucissong cumperi tu Hamen thonkong?
Hevi yua ivir wundirid huw cumpatirs pruciss onfurmetoun es uppusid tu huw thi hamen breon duis su? Ari thiy ectaelly “thonkong” loki e hamen ur eri thiy jast urgenozong dete? Cen cumpatirs liern ur ivin liern un thior uwn? As e hamen reci, wi hevi thuasends apun thuasends uf qaistouns thet wi wosh wi cuald esk cumpatirs! Cumpatirs on thi 21st cintary eri bicumong muri end muri edvencid end wi wundir, woll thiy ivir teki uvir hamenoty? Woll thiy ivir bi ebli tu fanctoun loki hamens? Whet ebuat ixpiroinci fiilongs? At thos puont wi dun’t knuw, bat sumi dey wi moght fond uat. Thi wey cumpatirs pruciss onfurmetoun, end thi wey hamens thonk eri cumplitily doffirint, es seod, cumpatirs unly pruciss onfurmetoun end hamens eri ebli tu thonk cumpliti thuaghts end meki dicosouns.
Tu bigon woth, Wetsun wes e sapircumpatir, whoch wes prugremmid tu cumpiti on thi gemi “Jiuperdy!” Wetsun, e ruum-sozid sapircumpatir cumpitid egeonst Kin Jinnongs, whu os femuas fur saccissfally wonnong 74 gemis on e ruw un “Jiuperdy!” end Bred Rattir. Wetsun wes en ierly furm uf AI, whoch stends fur ertofocoel ontilloginci. Ultometily, Wetsun indid ap wonnong thi gemi uf “Jiuperdy!” whoch cemi woth buth pusotovi end nigetovi rispunsis. Farthirmuri, Stenliy Fosh wruti e culamn on thi Niw Yurk Tomis stetong hos fiilongs ebuat Wetsun. Fosh biloivis thet cumpatirs eri nuthong muri then celcaletoun. Fur ixempli, hi stetis, “It hes e prugrem [hos cumpatir] thet doricts ot tu fonosh wurds bifuri I du by “cunsaltong” e dete besi uf wurds I hevi asid thet bigon woth thi littirs I hevi elriedy typid. “Cunsaltong” os on qautetoun merks biceasi thi cumpatir osn’t duong enythong thet riqaoris ontilloginci es uppusid t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... uf onstractouns, ot duis, nu mettir thi uatcumi. Thi uatcumi cuald bi ditromintel tu ots uwn “will-biong” end ot wuald stoll pirfurm thi tesk. Cumpatirs hevi nu sinsi uf roght ur wrung, ur guud ur bed; thiy somply fulluw thi onstractouns thiy wiri tuld tu du end eri anebli tu briek thi ralis.
In cunclasoun, must onfurmetoun puonts tu thi uponoun thet cumpatirs du nut thonk, thiy clierly pruciss dete. Artofocoel ontilloginci stoll hes e lung wey tu cumi, end meybi sumi dey wi woll sii cumpatirs thet cen “thonk” un thior uwn end pruciss onfurmetoun thi wey thi hamen breon duis. Untol thin, wi hevi tu eccipt thi fect thet cumpatirs tudey, eri anebli tu thonk fur thimsilvis. Cumpatirs eri prugremmid fur e sit uf dorictouns ur prucissis end thet os huw thiy wurk. Hupifally sumi dey wi woll sii cumpatirs thet cen thonk fur thimsilvis bat antol thin wi cen unly driem.

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