How Computers Make Life Easier

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How Computers Make Life Easier

How Computers Make Life Easier
Sometime in the early 1900s a German engineer named Konrad Zuse invented the first computer called the Z3. It was a functional program- controlled computer. He was also a computer pioneer. During this time there was a series of events recorded that entailed the beginning stages of computer use. Over time the development became greater.
The society in which we live today has evolved in many ways. One way society has advanced so rapidly over the years is through the use of an amazing electrical device
known as the computer.
A computer is a device that has the capability of storing its own memory by operating under the control of instructions. This then enables the computer to accept data, which is also known as inputting information. To follow this, the computer then processes specified rules according to the data. The next action the computer takes is to generate results. This action is also referred to as output. Lastly, the computer stores the information for use at a later time. This is also known as storage.
Today, you can find computers almost anywhere. Some of these locations are to include the home, your place of business, school, local library and area drug store. Some other locations are restaurants, hospitals, doctor's office and dental office to name a few.
Within the home, computers can be used to manage bills, shop department or specialty stores, converse with family members and friends far and near via email. You can also play games on it, listen to music, watch movies and students can even do homework assignments on it as well.
In the workplace, computers are used to create and compile invoices and also produce reports. Computers are also used to converse via email by staff members through memos and letters. Some companies have their employees submit their timesheets via the computers.
Some examples of how schools incorporate the use of computers with their students is by having the professor assign their students homework on the internet which is to be completed by a designated deadline.

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A software program must be installed onto the computer successfully in order to complete the assignments implemented by the professor. At school, computers can be also used for creating a student profile, academic record, completing in-class assignments. Computers are also utilized by students for completing special projects, doing research papers and teacher/ student correspondence.
This shows that regardless of the location of the computer it always enables a person to complete tasks quicker, with accuracy and in some instances, in ways that would not ever have been feasible. A computer is a great way to stay in tune with news around the world and stay abreast of the stock market. There are web sites that predict the weather forecast and by navigating the web you can get show times for live entertainment. How lucky are we to have a tool as such, with all of these capabilities (Vermaat, p. com-2).
Assuming that a person knows how to navigate and explore the vast opportunities at hand, around the web is key. To not be aware of how to operate a computer, I consider a disadvantage. There is too much out there pertaining to our society to miss. Just to think, these findings are merely at the tips of your fingers.
It's amazing as I ponder upon the thought of just how much computers have greatly impacted our society for the better. In the event that one is not knowledgeable of operating a computer there are many ways to get enlightened. So please, do not despair.
Family members or friends are usually always willing to give insight on the functions of a computer. Do keep in mind that you have to be teachable and also willing to learn so that you can grasp what is being taught. Another good place to check is the newspaper for listings and or your local television station. Schools always advertise in newspapers as well, offering classes with great professors ready to assist you. These classes are very informative, offering hands on training to better help you. Listening to the radio for commercials, to seek information for class scheduling in addition to flyers or advertisements in magazines are all great resource tools.
In today's busy society our time is valuable and having the convenience of being able to shop around the clock, plan a vacation, get driving directions, check your health or simply pay a bill from the comfort of your home cuts down on a lot of wasted time and energy. This avails extra time to spend doing something else of your choice (Fagan, pp. 14-15).
For example, if you wish to plan a trip, there are websites that specialize in offering low airfare and hotel rates 24 hours a day. You can also use these websites to rent cars, take tours or simply schedule activities. Some of these companies are listed as: Orbitz, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets and I utilize the Expedia website the most. In accordance with the other companies Expedia offers special promotions and allots thank you points to accumulate which can result in a free ticket to a destination of your choice over time (Find Your Flight).
If you are in need of getting driving directions is good website to use. This website will prompt you to enter your starting address and ending address, print out a hard copy of the directions to be used for reference purposes once you start your journey. This website has been a reliable source for me on many occasions (Directions).
To check your health, a well known website is called: and on this website you can research symptoms of practically any ailment in good detail. It also contains graphical images for viewing purposes and allows you the opportunity to even share your experiences with others. However, this website does not give treatment, medical advice nor diagnosis to cure the ailment at hand. also provides a host of other helpful information pertaining to health and tools for maintaining it (Symptom checker).
So as you can see, the computer is a very resourceful tool. I couldn't imagine life these days without one. Cease and embrace all opportunities to stimulate your knowledge, moving forward, of operating one of world's greatest creations, the computer. I congratulate those that master the art of not only knowing the functions and malfunctions of the computer but also know how to repair and rebuild a damaged one. Computers are here and here to stay. Our society has become computer dependent and this device will always be in high demand. Rumor has it that there is big money in this field, as well as longevity. For those that took on the challenge as students to major in Computer Information Systems and succeeded are definitely grateful now for making the choice to choose a venue as such.
Just think about it, in years to come technology and computers are bound to enhance far beyond our imagination. I am sure many people will agree and are anxiously waiting to watch as these clever creations unfold, over time, before their very own eyes.

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