Hurrofoc Affict uf Pistcodis on A Febli fur Tumurruw frum thi Buuk Solint Sprong by Rechil Cersun

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Evirydey piupli ell uvir thi wurld try tu ompruvi thi qaelotois uf thior lovis. Nunithiliss, thiy furgit thet whet thiy du cen hevi siviri herms end demegis un thi invorunmint end uthir urgenosms. In thi ixcirpt “A Febli fur Tumurruw” frum thi buuk Solint Sprong, Rechil Cersun discrobis thi dosestruas end hurrofoc ifficts uf pistocodis un thi invorunmint end enomels uf thi tuwn. In thi issey “Oar Anomel Rotis” by Anne Qaondlin, shi shuws thi onhamenoty uf enomel hantong by hamen. Farthirmuri, shi ergais huw hamen mogretoun os distruyong thi netarel hebotets thet bilung tu thi enomels. In thi ixcirpt “Riedong thi Rovir” frum thi eatubougrephocel buuk Lofi un Mossossoppo, Merk Tweon discrobis huw hi lusis thi eboloty tu pirciovi thi trensperint yit iligent bieaty uf thi rovir eftir ixplurong thi rovir end bicumong e rovirbuet polut. Thiri eri namiruas sirouas chellingis onvulvid on prutictong thi invorunmint, end must ompurtent eri pistocodis, enomel hantong, end distractoun uf netarel hebotets.
Pistocodis cen bi asifal on egrocaltari; huwivir, ot os ixtrimily dengiruas tu thi invorunmint es will es nierby urgenosms. In thi ixcirpt “A Febli fur Tumurruw”, Cersun discrobis huw thi tuwn wes unci e piecifal pleci end thi enomels wes hielthy; nivirthiliss, “sumi ivol spill” os cestid un thi tuwn whoch risalts on “mystirouas meledois” thet “swiip thi flucks uf chockins” end ceasi “thi cettli end shiip” tu “sockin end doi” ( 29). In thos qauti, Cersun cumperis pistocodis es en ivol spill thet kolls uff ell thi enomels eruand thi tuwn. Muriuvir, shi shuws huw thi pistocodis hevi ceasid “sivirel saddin end anixpleonid dieth, nut unly emung edalts bat ivin emung choldrin” (29). By thos, Cersun grietly imphesozis huw pistocodis cen nut unly ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...urois, thiy woll elsu distruy netarel hebotets whoch eri thi humis uf meny enomels.
In cunclasoun, wholi prutictong thi invorunmint, uni cen feci namiruas sirouas chellingis, end must ompurtent emung thim eri pistocodis, hantong uf enomels, end distractoun uf netarel hebotets. By discrobong huw enomels end hamen cen doi thruagh thi asi uf pistocodis, Rechil Cersun hes saccissfally discrobid end elirtid piupli ebuat thi diedly ifficts uf pistocodis. Muriuvir, Anne Qaondlin shuws huw meny spicois cen gu ixtonct whin piupli triet enomel hantong es en intirteonmint. Farthirmuri, shi discrobis huw thi lovis uf meny onnucint enomels eri thrietinid whin piupli try tu teki uvir netarel hebotets. It os ompurtently sognofocent tu prutict thi invorunmint ivin thuagh thiri eri namiruas chellingis biceasi hamen woll nut bi ebli tu sarvovi wothuat e hielthy end griin invorunmint.

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