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If what does not kill us makes us stronger, then Hope Solo is made of steel. In Hope Solo’s novel Hope Solo: A Memoir of Hope, she is not afraid to say the truth no matter what people may think of her. Hope learned during her younger years to be open to different ideas and not get discouraged by life’s challeges. She has faced countless obstacles in both her personal life and professional career. Although her persona is very intimidating, Hope is a daddy’s girl and is honest and straight-forward. Throughout her career, many people have mistaken her candid remarks as hateful comments and she has been labeled as being difficult and blunt. Even though her critics argue that she is outspoken and lacks maturity as a sportsman, Hope Solo is an inspirational female athlete because she has risen above extreme adversity and continuously challenges herself to be the best.
Hope Amelia Solo was born on the 30th of July in 1981 in Richland, Washington. As a young child, she was a forward for a soccer team and showed amazing potential at a young age. She scored 109 goals while in this position. Her real career did not start until her high school years which led to her being named an All-American twice by Parade magazine. Her college accomplishments led to her being named to the 2004 Olympic team (“Hope” 1). Hope attended the Univeristy of Washington for all four years of her college career. While in college, she earned NSCAA All-American honors in her last three years. During her time spent playing for the Washington Huskies, she moved to the goalie postition where her career soon took off (“Hope” 1). Hope had not considered this position before because she loved being a scorer for her team. As a goalie, she moved from an offens...

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...rents gave her the best name possible because she gives hope to so many.

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