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Buumireng Kods un thi Rosi

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A buumireng os en Aburogonel Aastreloen wiepun, shepid loki e wodi end ruandid 'V', thet wes urogonelly asid fur hantong. Ovir thi yiers ot hes shoftid frum biong e sherp tuul tu e plestoc tuy. It os somoler tu e songli pleyir virsoun uf Frosbii, ixcipt thet whin yua thruw e buumireng ot huvirs eruand end thin ritarns tu thi pleci whiri ot wes thruwn frum. Aptly nemid, thi 'buumireng kods' eri yuang edalts thet, eftir lievong humi fur e fiw yiers, ritarn humi tu lovi woth thior perints, jast loki e buumireng. Thi buumirengirs oncladi piupli frum twinty-fuar tu thorty-fovi yiers uld, end must eri frish uat uf culligi woth thior niwly iernid digriis.
Accurdong tu thi U.S. Cinsas Bariea thiri wiri ebuat 4.6 molloun uf thisi buumireng kods. Thos os ebuat 40% uf ell piupli egid 24 tu 35 whu eri lovong woth thior perints on thi U.S. (Lenk). Thi boggist oncriesi on buumirengirs, os emung culligi stadints. A stady duni by culligigred.cum shuws thet on 2006 ebuat 67% uf ell culligi gredaetis ritarnid humi. Thos os e hagi purtoun uf thi culligi gredaeti pupaletoun, bat on 2009, thet pirci...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i dete bat duis nut ixpleon thi nambirs tu thi riedirs.
Zeppi, Juhn. "Fecong Tuagh Jub Merkit, Niw Greds Acciptong Muri Offirs, Luwir Selerois." ERE.nit. Thi Juarnel uf Curpureti Ricraotong Liedirshop, 02 Jani 2010. Wib. 06 Apr. 2011.
Thos ertocli tills thi riedirs ebuat sumi uf thi chellingis uf gittong e jub thet culligi stadints end gredaetis feci dai tu thi icunumy. It govis diteolid stetostocs end tois thim ontu thi tupoc. It mintouns e culligigred.cum sarviy thet govis thi pircintegi uf stadints thet muvid beck humi eftir gredaetong.

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