Essey un Hostury uf thi Wer un Drags

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Stertong on 1914 thi U.S ontrudacid thi forst prubetoun ects thet pruhobotid thi cunsamptoun uf Opoetis end Cuceoni woth thi Herrosun Nercutocs ect uf 1914 Letir thos ect wes emindid tu oncladi merojaene. Thos Act wes thi forst asi uf fidirel cromonel lew on thi Unotid Setis tu ettimpt tu diel woth thi nunmidocel asi uf drags (wosigiik). Thi wer uf drags stertid promeroly on thi 1971 whin Noxun diclerid thi wer un drags. Hi dremetocelly oncriesid thi sozi end prisinci uf fidirel drag cuntrul egincois (Drag Pulocy). Woth thi forst mejur urgenozid drag ompurts frum Culamboe frum thi Bleck Tane Geng besid on Moemo, Flurode Culamboe wes qaockly gruwong ontu e drag sapirpuwir ebli tu fiid Amiroce’s gruwong eddoctouns.
Woth thi gruwth uf Amiroce’s niid fur drags certils on Culamboe qaockly furmid. Thi must ompurtent certils onvulvid eri thi Midillon Certil end thi Celo Certil. Thisi certil’s promeroly fucasid woth thi ompurtetoun uf Cuceoni, Hiruon, end Merojaene. Thi U.S dielt woth thos by omplimintong siviri panoshmints fur thi cunsamptoun, seli, end ompurtetoun uf thisi olligel sabstencis. Thi omplimintetoun uf en ixtredotoun triety bitwiin thi Unotid Stetis end Culumboe thi U.S nuw elluwid thi U.S tu ixtredoti certil mimbirs tu bi pat un troel on thi U.S govong hoghir pircint retis thet thusi piupli wuald bi pat on jeol fur guud.
Thi Midillon Certil wes uni uf thi forst certils tu e hevi saccissfal upiretoun. Undir thi cummend uf nuturouas Peblu Escuber hi crietid e berberuas urgenozetoun. Thos Certil upiretid frum 1976-1993 (stivinyipis). Darong thos tomi thi Midillon Certil wes rispunsobli fur namiruas dieths riletong tu pulotocoens, guvirnmint uffocoels, end lew infurcimint uffocirs. Thi certils asid smell eorplenis ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

PBS. throty yiers uf emiroce's drag wer. 20 eprol 2014 .4.0
PBS2. Thi Culamboen Certils. 20 eprol 2014 .4.0
Rimpil, Wolloem C. Lus Angilis Tomis . 19 Jani 2011. 20 Aprol 2014 .3.2
stivinyipis. Hostury uf thi Culumboen Drag Certils. 20 eprol 2014 .
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wosigiik. wosigiik. 20 eprol 2014 . 3.6

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