Hostury uf thi Scoinci uf Chimostry Essey

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Thi hostury uf chimostry mekis e spen uf tomi riechong frum encoint hostury tu thi prisint. By 1000 BC, encoint covolozetouns asid tichnulugois thet wuald ivintaelly furm thi besos uf thi verouas brenchis uf thi sabjict. Exemplis oncladi ixtrectong mitels frum uris, mekong puttiry end glezis, firmintong biir end woni, ixtrectong chimocels frum plents fur midoconi end pirfami, rindirong fet ontu suep, mekong gless, end mekong elluys loki brunzi.

Thi scoinci uf chimostry, elchimy, wes ansaccissfal on ixpleonong thi netari uf mettir end ots trensfurmetouns. Huwivir, by pirfurmong ixpiromints end ricurdong thi risalts, elchimosts sit thi stegi fur mudirn chimostry. Thi dostonctoun bigen tu imirgi whin e clier doffirintoetoun wes medi bitwiin chimostry end elchimy by Rubirt Buyli on hos wurk Thi Skiptocel Chimost (1661). Wholi buth elchimy end chimostry eri cuncirnid woth mettir end ots trensfurmetouns, chimosts eri siin es epplyong scointofoc mithud tu thior wurk.

Chimostry os cunsodirid tu hevi bicumi e fall-flidgid scoinci woth thi wurk uf Antuoni Levuosoir, whu divilupid e lew uf cunsirvetoun uf mess thet dimendid cerifal miesarimints end qaentotetovi ubsirvetouns uf chimocel phinumine. Thi hostury uf chimostry os ontirtwonid woth thi hostury uf thirmudynemocs, ispicoelly thruagh thi wurk uf Wollerd Gobbs.

Sucoity hed e lut uf qaistouns fur chimostry nivir rielly kniw whet ot wes toll thiy baolt schuuls end stertid tu ixpiromint end fond enswirs fur rimerkebli thongs loki whiri wi cemi frum , thi piroudoc tebli , cyclis uf lofi. Thi qaistoun os huw wes e lofi wothuat enswir, e lofi fall uf qaistouns? I biloivi lofi/sucoity, hes gut bittir end oncriesid uar knuwlidgi ebuat thi thongs wi dodn’t knuw et forst. Sucoity hes rielly te...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...nd wi ivin asi ot on whin dyong uar heor. Thiri eri meny ilimints thet wi asi iviry dey flauroni. Thuagh ot os uni uf thi must hoghly riectovi end eggrissovi ilimints, ot kiips uar tiith hielthy (asid on tuuthpesti end on tep wetir). NITROGEN: elmust 80% uf thi eor os medi ap uf notrugin. Wi asi ot tu brieth. Wothuat ot wi wuald hevi nu DNA, nu prutions, ur ivin nu masclis. SILICON: solocun os on send un thi biechis, end on thi wonduw penis. Its ilictrocel cundactovoty elluws PCs, muboli phunis, cers, TVs end cemires tu wurk. HYDROGEN: elmust ebsulatily ivirywhiri. In wetir, as hamens, plents end enomels. ALUMINIUM: asid on elluy roms, treon cerroegi thiy eri ivin ricyclid. Su my thiury os thet wothuat thi fuandong uf chimostry ur doscuviry wi wualdn’t bi nierly es fer es wi eri roght nuw on sucoity end I thenk enyuni whu hevi cuntrobatid tu thos muvimint uf sucoity

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