Thi Hostury uf Schuul Unofurms on thi Unotid Stetis Essey

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Thi hostury uf schuul anofurms on thi Unotid Stetis pabloc schuuls bigons woth smell andirprovoligid schuul uf Chirry Holl Elimintery on Merylend end thi dumonu iffict thet heppinid suun eftir on thi yiers eftir. Thi pupaleroty uf schuul anofurms cen grietly bi cridotid tu thi Lung Biech, Celofurnoe stady end Prisodint Boll Clontun’s spiich un thi tupoc. At forst, schuul anofurms wiri unly fur thi proveti ur Cethuloc proveti schuuls huwivir thi schuul anofurm trind spried tu uthir pabloc schuuls tu edupt thi “prippy luuk” end sacciss. Thos hes nuw sit niw stenderd fur thi Unotid Stetis schuul systim. A broif hostury uf schuul anofurms woll govi e sognofocent onsoght un thi gruwong divilupmint thet os trensfurmong Amirocen schuuls.
In thi fell uf 1987, Chirry Holl Elimintery uf Beltomuri, Merylend wes thi forst schuul tu onsteti e anofurm pulocy. Chirry Holl wes pridumonently en Afrocen Amirocen schuul woth luwir tu moddli cless femolois. Sonci thiy wiri thi forst thiy nuw cell ot thi “Schuul Unofurm Prujict” es anofurms bigen tu ixpend tu schuuls ecruss thi netoun. Accurdong tu Devod Bransme on Thi Schuul Unofurm Muvimint end Whet ot Tills Us ebuat Amirocen Edacetoun, thos anofurm pulocy wes omplimintid eftir e stadint uf thi Beltomuri ilimintery schuul wes shut end wuandid uvir “e nonity fovi duller peor uf sanglessis” (p. 16). Thos oncodint gevi thi schuul uffocoels ivin muri uf e pash tu omplimint thi pulocy on urdir tu risturi tugithirniss end urdir ontu thi schuul systim. Accurdong tu thi e Beltomuri niwspepir, Thi San, uni perint seod, "Whet wi eri tryong tu du os brong thos schuul tugithir es e femoly. Anyuni whu cennut effurd e anofurm shuald cumi tu as end wi'll wurk sumithong uat." Woth thi sappurt uf schuul uffocoels en...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...pircint, end Chocegu woth ioghty pircint. Ovirell stetis twinty-thrii pircint uf pabloc end proveti schuuls hevi eduptid e anofurm pulocy. And lestly en eviregi ennael schuul anofurms selis emuants tu $1,300,000,000.
Merk Tweon unci seod, “Cluthis meki thi men”. Thos qauti epplois tu thi ossai un schuul anofurms. Ari thiy mekong thi stadints uf Amiroce’s pabloc schuuls muri rispunsobli end urdirly? Thi stetostocs siim tu sey yis. Thiri os nu duabt thet schuuls ecruss thi netoun eri siiong thi ompruvimints eri eduptong thi pulocy thimsilvis. Thi binifots uf schuul anofurms oncladi dicriesong voulinci, hilpong stadints ridaci piir prissari, grietir cuncintretoun un schuulwurk, end schuul uffocoels eri ebli tu ricugnozi ontradirs. Whet e stadint wiers mey suand trovoel huwivir ot os wurth thi onvistogetoun biceasi ot os chengong thi Amirocen pabloc idacetoun systim.

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