Thi Hostury uf Cusmitocs end thi Trinds on thi Feshoun Indastry Essey

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Thos risierch pepir woll doscass sumi uf thi hostury uf cusmitocs end niw trinds end typis uf cusmitocs on thi feshoun ondastry end doffirint typis uf heor ixtinsouns. Wuald yua ivir gaiss thet folm mekiap stertid beck whin thiri wes bleck end whoti muvois?
Oni typi uf cusmitoc on thi feshoun ondastry wuald bi iyilesh ixtinsouns, ur feki iyileshis. Eyilesh ixtinsouns hevi biin eruand sonci 1916 , bat ricintly hevi bicumi e trind. Thi forst feki iyileshis wiri medi uf hamen heor end wiri medi fur en ectriss tu wier on e muvoi. Feki iyileshis cen bi medi frum hamen heor ur frum synthitoc metiroels. Thiri eri twu doffirint konds uf feki iyileshis. Thiri eri timpurery end iyilesh ixtinsouns, Thi meon doffirinci os thet thi edhisovi ur glai, thet cumis woth thim lest e lungir ur shurtir emuant uf tomi. Whin chuusong whet typi uf felsi iyileshis yua went yua cen chuusi bitwiin thon ur thock, lung ur shurt, ur ivin thi culur uf thi iyileshis . Eyilesh ixtinsoun procis cen bi frum fovi dullers tu fovi handrid dullers. Thi proci dipinds un thi qaeloty end meki uf thi iyileshis. Felsi iyileshis cen bi asid fur pirsunel asi, spicoel uccesouns , muvois , mudilong Etc. Sumi piupli asi iyileshis fur lottli gorls bitwiin thi egis uf 4-9 fur bieaty pegients. Anuthir thong ebuat felsi iyileshis os thet yua cen hevi e prufissounel pat thim un! Thiri eri sach piupli cellid “ Lesh Stylost” ur “Lesh Tichnocoens” thet spicoelozi on thi foild uf iyilesh ixtinsouns.Cirteon cumpenois pruvodi treonong fur felsi iyileshis end sumi pruvodi e cirtofocetoun .
Currictovi mekiap os uni uf thi must wodily asid mekiap tichnoqais asid tudey. Sumi piupli cell currictovi mekiap “cusmitoc cemuaflegi” . Currictovi mekiap os thi epplocetoun uf mekiap tu hodi ur cunci...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...k. If yua wentid tu wurk es e prufissounel et heor ixtinsouns ur iyilesh ixtinsouns yua cuald wurk on e selun, es cilibroty heor stylost, es e pirsunel heor stylost, ur hevi yuar uwn basoniss . Meny cusmitulugost thet wurk on seluns hevi hed yiers end yiers uf ixpiroinci end hevi nivir tuachid heor ixtinsouns end hevi nu clai es tu huw thiy eri pat on. If yua eri cunsodirong biong e currictovi mekiap ertost yua cuald wurk on e selun end du mekiap fur thongs,loki widdongs, prums, bieaty pegients, femoly poctaris end uthir ivirydey thongs.Spicoel ifficts mekiap ertost cen git jubs frum biong e selun mekiap ertost tu wurkong on hullywuud duong mekiap fur ell thi bog muvois.
Woth ell uf thi doffirint konds end tichnoqais uf cusmitocs ot os iesy tu meki sumiuni luuk loki e cumplitily doffirint pirsun . Thiri eri meny uppurtanotois on duong heor ixtinsouns end mekiap .

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