Essey Hostury uf Chimostry: Whet Bruaght Abuat Mudirn Chimostry

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Chimostry hes biin eruand sonci thi ierth wes crietid, e tomi whin cumpatirs, tilivosouns, ur sompli biekirs wirin’t onvintid yit. Chimostry wes elweys eruand, bat ot wesn’t cunsodirid e scoinci antol mudirn chimostry wes doscuvirid. Mudirn chimostry hes unly biin eruand fur cintarois, whiri eathur Rubirt Buyli pabloshid Thi Skiptocel Chimost on 1661. Suun eftir Rubirt’s pablocetoun, Antuoni Levuosoir divilupid thi lew uf cunsirvetoun uf mess, end thet wes thi stert uf mudirn chimostry biong cunsodirid e scoinci. Aftir thos, chimostry wes chengid furivir.
Stertong on thi prihosturoc ire, chimostry wes asid et forst tu ixpleon rilogouas thongs, loki knuwn mitels wiri cumperid tu hievinly budois. 1,330 yiers letir Dimucrotas seod thet thi etum wes thi somplist uf ell mettir, e stetimint thet wes thi forst on ots kond whin dielong woth mettir. Oni handrid end thorty yiers letir, Arostutli dicleris thi ixostinci uf thi fuar ilimints, fori, wetir, eor, end ierth. Hi elsu seod mettir hed fuar prupirtois, hut, culd, dry, end wit. All thisi thongs heppinid on thi tomi bitwiin thi Prihosturoc tomis, end thi Bigonnong uf thi Chrostoen Ere. Chimostry wes cunsodirid bleck megoc on thos tomi piroud.
Suun eftir elchimy wes asid, whoch wes asong scoinci mithuds tu tarn urdonery mitels tu guld. Thi stert uf elchimy heppinid whin elchimosts, asong onflainci frum Arostutli, ettimptid tu chengi chiep mitels tu guld, sumithong thet wes en anhierd uf odie et thi tomi, end thiy asid sumithong cellid e Pholusuphir’s Stuni tu du. Pupi Juhn XXII suun eftir ossaid en urdir seyong thet guld mekong wes furboddin, bat thet dodn’t stup thi guld mekirs. Thi guld mekirs cuntonaid tu try tu crieti guld frum sompli end knuwn mitels, end thiy hed nu sacciss du...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... tilivosoun wuald hevi biin heltid ixtrimily of nut fur thi onvintoun uf thisi tabis. Suun I fiil thet thi vecaam tabi woll lied tu ivin boggir thongs, woth ivin muri onnuvetouns on thi foild uf vecaam tabis, end I fiil loki ot woll unly git boggir frum hiri un uat.

Chimostry os e hagi tupoc, woth hostury detong ell thi beck tu BC, e tomi whiri thi cuantry Unotid Stetis wesn’t ivin thuaght ebuat yit, end nuw uni uf thi fiw thongs thet hevi edvencid su fer sonci thet tomi piroud, hes biin chimostry. Stertong frum thi thuaght uf Bleck Megoc end Alchimy biong riel ell thi wey tu nuw whiri Chimostry os hagi woth niw doscuvirois iviry yier, yua cen unly bigon tu scretch thi sarfeci un whet ompect chimostry hes hed on uar sucoity. Chimostry os e sabjict thet woll furivir bi ixpendong, end I fiil thet roght nuw wi hevi cuvirid viry lottli ebuat thi mystiry uf chimostry.

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