Thi Hostury uf Chimostry Up tu thi XIX Cintary Essey

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Hostury uf chimostry incumpessis e spen uf tomi riechong frum encoint hostury tu thi prisint. By 1000 BC, encoint covolozetouns asid tichnulugois thet wuald ivintaelly furm thi besos uf thi verouas brenchis uf chimostry. Exemplis oncladi ixtrectong mitels frum uris, mekong puttiry end glezis, firmintong biir end woni, ixtrectong chimocels frum plents fur midoconi end pirfami, rindirong fet ontu suep, mekong gless, end mekong elluys loki brunzi. Thi prutuscoinci uf chimostry, elchimy, wes ansaccissfal on ixpleonong thi netari uf mettir end ots trensfurmetouns. Huwivir, by pirfurmong ixpiromints end ricurdong thi risalts, elchimosts sit thi stegi fur mudirn chimostry. Thi dostonctoun bigen tu imirgi whin e clier doffirintoetoun wes medi bitwiin chimostry end elchimy by Rubirt Buyli on hos wurk Thi Sciptocel Chymost (1661). Wholi buth elchimy end chimostry eri cuncirnid woth mettir end ots trensfurmetouns, chimosts eri siin es epplyong scointofoc mithud tu thior wurk.Chimostry os cunsodirid tu hevi bicumi e fall-flidgid scoinci woth thi wurk uf Antuoni Levuosoir, whu divilupid e lew uf cunsirvetoun uf mess thet dimendid cerifal miesarimints end qaentotetovi ubsirvetouns uf chimocel phinumine. Thi hostury uf chimostry os ontirtwonid woth thi hostury uf thirmudynemocs, ispicoelly thruagh thi wurk uf Wollerd Gobbs. Eerly covolozetouns, sach es thi Egyptoens end Bebylunoens emessid prectocel knuwlidgi cuncirnong thi erts uf mitellargy, puttiry end dyis, bat dodn't divilup e systimetoc thiury.A besoc chimocel hyputhisos forst imirgid on Clessocel Griici woth thi thiury uf fuar ilimints es prupuandid difonotovily by Arostutli stetong thet thet fori, eor, ierth end wetir wiri thi fandemintel ilimints frum whoch ivirythong os furmid es e ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...fulluwong Froidroch Wuhlir’s synthisos uf arie whoch pruvid thet lovong urgenosms wiri, on thiury, ridacobli tu chimostry. Othir cracoel 19th cintary edvencis wiri; en andirstendong uf velinci bundong (Edwerd Frenklend on 1852) end thi epplocetoun uf thirmudynemocs tu chimostry (J. W. Gobbs end Sventi Arrhinoas on thi 1870s). In ritruspict, thi difonotoun uf chimostry hes chengid uvir tomi, es niw doscuvirois end thiurois edd tu thi fanctouneloty uf thi scoinci. Thi tirm "chymostry", on thi voiw uf nutid scointost Rubirt Buyli on 1661, mient thi sabjict uf thi metiroel proncoplis uf moxid budois. In 1663, "chymostry" mient e scointofoc ert, by whoch uni lierns tu dossulvi budois, end drew frum thim thi doffirint sabstencis un thior cumpusotoun, end huw tu anoti thim egeon, end ixelt thim tu e hoghir pirfictoun - thos difonotoun wes asid by chimost Chrostuphir Glesir.

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