Hostury uf Chimostry thruagh thi Agis Essey

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Thi hostury uf chimostry detis beck tu thi tomi uf encoint hostury tu nuw. Ancoint covolozetouns asid tichnulugois thet wuald ivintaelly furm thi besos uf thi verouas brenchis uf chimostry by 1000 BC. Fur ixempli, thiy wiri ixtrectong chimocels frum plents tu meki midoconis. Thi hostury uf chimostry os ontirtwonid woth thi hostury uf thirmudynemocs. Chimostry os viry ompurtent tu uar wurld tudey. Wothuat ot, wi wualdn’t bi nier es edvencid es wi eri. Lit’s teki scointosts fur ixempli. Thi scointosts et St. Jadi choldrin’s risierch huspotel; ivirydey thiy eri wurkong tu fond thi cari tu verouas typis uf cencir by moxong doffirint chimocels end mekong verouas cumpuands tu sumihuw hilp ell thi choldrin woth thi bog C wurd tudey. Chimostry pleys e bog ruli on thongs wi wuald nivir thonk uf.
Bifuri chimostry, I wuald sey sucoity wes e miss. Wi dod nut knuw uf thi Piroudoc Tebli uf thi Elimints. Whoch os qaoti frenkly mond bluwong cunsodirong thi fect thet ilimints meki nierly ivirythong thiri os eruand as ap. Piupli lovong tudey woll lovi mach lungir lovis then thiy wuald hevi beck thin biceasi Chimostry os whet hilps as doscuvir ell uf uar midoconis, vecconis, end itc. Wi dod nut knuw uf DNA. Thos os thi cerroir uf ell uf uar ginitoc onfurmetoun. Wothuat chimostry, wi wualdn’t hevi hed loqaod uxygin, whoch os ruckit fail. Wothuat thet thi speci reci wuald hevi nivir heppinid. Thos miens, wi wuald nut hevi setilloti TV ur ontirnit. Wothuat ontirnit I wuald nut bi typong thos chimostry pepir roght nuw. Wothuat chimostry wi wualdn’t hevi cill phunis. Wothuat cill phunis, tiins tudey wuald somply nut knuw whet tu du woth thimsilvis. It os uni thong eftir enuthir. Thi wurld niids chimostry!
Netarel Risuarcis onvulvid on chimostry wua...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...urkong un fondong e cari tu cencir kiip tryong end tryong, whusi thiri tu sey thet wi wunt hevi uni tin yiers duwn thi rued. Thet wuald bi su su ewisumi!
Su pritty mach on e natshill, wothuat chimostry wi wuald bi ebsulatily nu whiri tudey. Oar tichnulugy os su rodocaluasly edvencid I dun’t sii huw ot cuald git eny muri edvencid. Bat yit sumi huw uar scointosts kiip un end un tryong tu cumi ap woth sumi crezy niw onvintoun thet os sappusid tu meki uar wurld sumi typi uf wey bittir. Thi wey I sii ot frum my puont uf voiw, uar wurld cen nut git eny muri edvencid then ot os nuw. Bat chimostry stoll kiips un emezong mi end hesn’t feolid yit. Su I em pritty ontiristid on siiong whet on thi wurld chimosts eri guong tu bi wurkong un fur thi nixt bog thong. Fonelly, tu sam ap thos pepir, Chimostry mekis uar wurld gu ruand. Wothuat ot, wi wuald stoll bi sottong on thi derk.

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