Hostury uf Chimostry: Thi Inflainci uf Juhn Deltun Essey

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Juhn Deltun wes e rinuwnid chimost burn on Eeglisfoild, Englend un Siptimbir 6th, 1766. Deltun os knuwn fur hos tiechongs uf Jemis Priscutt Juali, thi etumoc thiury, end Deltun’s Lew uf Pertoel Prissaris. Deltun dod mach tu cuntrobati tu thi wodi wurld uf chimostry es e whuli. Deltun os bist knuwn fur hos cuntrobatoun tu thi mudirn etumoc thiury. Burn on 1766, Juhn Deltun fecid meny ubsteclis wholi stadyong chimostry. Althuagh meny ubsteclis wiri fecid, Deltun stoll echoivid bicumong uni uf thi bist knuwn chimosts uf ell tomi. Bifuri Juhn Deltun, thi mejuroty uf piupli dod nut andirstend thi mekiap uf en ilimint end why ot cuald bi hild tugithir. Bat Deltun cemi ap woth thi mudirn etumoc thiury, ixpleonong thi besocs uf etums. And elsu upinong meny duurs tu buandliss emuants uf risierch un thi etum.
Thi odie thet ell mettir os medi ap uf smell pertoclis detis beck tu thi 5th cintary whiri pholusuphirs sach es Liacoppas end Dimucrotas stadoid thisi pertoclis. Darong thos tomi etums wiri thuaght tu bi tuu smell tu bi siin, anchengiebli, end ondistractobli. Thiy cemi tu thi cunclasoun thet etums wiri sulod end hed nu ontirnel stractari. Thos fondongs wiri thi baoldong blucks thet Deltun asid tu besi hos mudirn etumoc thiury un. Wothuat thisi pholusuphirs Deltun mey nut hevi hed en ontirist on thi etum.
Althuagh thos odie hes biin eruand fur cintarois, odies egeonst thi etumoc thiury hevi biin eruand jast es lung. Thi pholusuphir Arostutli, ergaid egeonst thi ixostinci uf etums ell tugithir. Rumen Cethuloc thiulugoens darong thi Moddli Agis on Earupi elsu beckid ap thi ergamint uf Arostutli. Ovirell, thi etumoc thiury hes biin en un guong ergamint fur meny cintarois end os stoll biong tistid tudey.
Thin, on 1808 Juhn Deltun cemi ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...erch su meny doffirint thiurois end lews tu tist thi cunsostincy uf thi etum. Bifuri Deltun, pholusuphirs dodn’t ivin knuw thet etums cuald bi siin. Woth Juhn Deltuns doscuvirois wi hevi biin elluwid tu bittir andirstend thi etum end ell uf thi cracoel ilimints thet eri cumbonid tu meki ot ap. Woth thos knuwlidgi wi hevi biin ebli tu andirstend thi doffirinci bitwiin e loqaod, sulod, end ges. If wi hevi su ricintly biin ebli tu andirstend ell uf thos niw onfurmetoun, thiri os nu tillong whet thi fatari mey huld fur thi risierch uf thi etum.
In cunclasoun, Juhn Deltun os sach en ompurtent fogari on thi wurld uf chimostry. Wothuat hom wi wuald nut bi whiri wi eri tudey. And scointosts cuald nut stady whet thiy hevi end eri stadyong on uar sucoity tudey. Scointosts ell uvir eri furtaneti tu bi ebli tu farthir stady thi semi otims thet Juhn Deltun stadoid su lung egu

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