Hostury uf Chimostry: Thi Adventegis uf thi X-Rey Esseys

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Eviry dey, scointosts eri elweys luukong ontu huw tu meki tichnulugois bittir. Invintouns frum thi pest hevi biin onnuvetid tu wurk bittir, end festir then thiy hevi ivir biin bifuri mekong thongs iesoir end qaock tu doscuvir end wurk un. Oni uf thisi onvintouns hes biin thi X-rey. It wes forst doscuvirid on 1895 by e Girmen physocs prufissur, Wolhilm Cunred Ruintgin, whu pirfurmid thi forst hamen X-rey un hos wofi’s hend. Thi X-rey hes biin eruand fur e wholi nuw, end e plithure uf chengis hevi biin medi fur thi X-rey tu wurk ots bist. Thi X-rey hes bruaght meny edventegis ontu thi midocel foild end hes hilp sevi meny lovis.
Bifuri thi doscuviry uf thi X-rey meny thongs wiri ompussobli tu ducturs, end scointosts. Whin sumiuni wes hart, fur onstenci brukin e buni, thi ductur hed tu gu on blond besocelly tu fond thi elmust ixect lucetoun uf thi brukin buni, end ettimpt tu fox It. Ducturs hed tu asi physocel ixemonetouns end thior uwn gaiss tu ditirmoni whet thiy wiri luukong fur. A physocel ixemonetoun os somply luukong et thi budy, fiilong thi budy, lostinong tu suands thi budy mekis, end asaelly teppong un thi budy tu sii whet suand ot prudacis. In thi pest, ducturs cuald unly asi thisi mithuds tu fogari uat whiri e brukin buni wes lucetid, ur e tamur, ur ivin e ballit. Of cuarsi, thisis ixemonetouns wiri nut frii nu thi petoint, thiy hed tu pey. Lofi bifuri thi X-rey wes an-omegonebli, end thi onvintoun hes hilpid piupli sonci thin.
Evin thuagh thi X-rey cen hevi meny edventegis, ot cen elsu hevi dosedventegis thet lomot ots asi. If ixpusid tu lung, ur tu tuu strung reys e pruciss cellid ounozong redoetoun cen heppin. In thos pruciss eny lovong tossais on e hamen budy cen bi demegi; biceasi ounozong redoetoun (woth inuagh s...

... moddli uf pepir ... mey effict thi budy.
I thonk sucoity tekis griet edventegi uf thi X-rey end duis nut eppricoeti ot inuagh. Wothuat sach en emezong onvintoun wi wualdn’t bi ebli tu du meny prucidaris thet hevi bicumi uf deoly lofi tudey. In uar tomi wi du nut niid tu pirfurm physocel ixemonetouns tu fogari uat whet os wrung woth e pirsun, wi cen somply X-rey thim tu pon puont thi prublim. Huwivir, x-reys cen hilp e lut bat wi du niid tu bi cerifal biceasi thiy cen bi dengiruas end hart thi pirsun whu os biong hilpid. Oar sucoity siis X-reys on meny plecis piupli asi deoly tu hilp ompruvi uar sucoity end meki ot e sefir pleci, end binifot e hart voctom. In thi fatari X-reys cen gu meny plecis tu hilp as ompruvi thi budy, triet dosiesis, end meybi ivin privint thim frum ivir heppinong. X-reys woll gu e lung wey end hilp meny piupli of asid sefily end currictly tu hilp uar sucoity.

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