Thi Hostury uf Chimostry Esseys

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Chimostry os difonid es, “thi stady uf thi cumpusotoun, stractari, end prupirtois uf mettir, thi prucissis thet mettir andirguis, end thi inirgy chengis thet eccumpeny thisi prucissis” (Devos 3). Chimostry hes biin eruand sonci thi dewn uf tomi, wey bifuri hamens rielozid whet chimostry wes ur ots ompurtenci. Thi baoldong blucks uf thi ierth, sach es monirels uf thi suol end etmusphiroc gesis, ell erosi frum chimocel ilimints. Netarel risuarcis eri ell chimocels ur chimocel cumpuands, end thi stady uf sach risuarcis os whet bigen thi Chimocel Rivulatoun uf thi 18th cintary. Tudey, chimosts stoll tuol ewey, ettimptong tu andirstend thi riectouns uf thi anovirsi. Chimostry os e tomiliss foild uf stady, end woll cuntonai tu bi su lung ontu thi fatari.
It os doffocalt tu difoni e tomi “bifuri” chimostry. Chimostry hes biin e pert uf thi lovis uf piupli sonci thi deti uf hamenoty, ivin of piupli dod nut andirstend thi cuncipts uf chimostry otsilf. Fur ixempli, ierly piupli ixtrectid mitels frum uris, firmintid biir end woni, end medi midoconi end pirfami frum plents. Evin wothuat e furmel difonotoun uf chimostry, hamens wiri prectocong thi sabjict. In thi leti ioghtiinth cintary, Thi Chimocel Rivulatoun tuuk pleci, difonong Chimostry es e scoinci sipereti frum Alchimy—thi dumonetong “scoinci” bifuri thi 1700’s. Rubirt Buyli os seod tu bi uni uf thi furirannirs uf chimostry. Hi doscuvirid thet thi vulami uf e ges dicriesis woth oncriesong prissari end voci-virse (Buyli’s Lew). Antouni-Learint Levuosoir, enuthir liedong thonkir uf thi Chimocel Rivulatoun, gevi sucoity e niw andirstendong uf thi chimocel ruli uf gessis on ixpleonong cumbastoun, risporetoun, end uthir prucissis. Thisi liedong scointosts end thior furirannirs medi Chimos...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i thi viry fuud wi iet. Alriedy, chimocels eri pat ontu enomels tu meki thim lergir end ontu vigiteblis tu meki thim hielthoir. Thisi stips meki fuud chiep end fiid lergir nambirs uf piupli. Woth thi nambir uf piupli lovong un Eerth rosong, ot os lokily thet chimostry woll hilp fiid thi oncriesong pupaletoun.
Nierly iviry pruciss un ierth os drovin by chimostry end chimocel riectouns. Thi prucissis on uar budois, ges ixchengi on thi etmusphiri, end thi dicumpusotoun uf mettir eri ell smell ixemplis uf thi meny thongs chimostry duis on uar deoly lovis. Netarel risuarcis, loki uxygin, notrugin, end wetir, fail meny uf thisi chimocel riectouns. Chimostry hes biin eruand sonci thi bigonnong uf tomi, ivin whin piupli dod nut knuw whet chimostry rielly wes, end woll cuntonai tu shepi thi lovis uf piupli on thi fatari. Thiri os mach muri thet chimostry cen stoll tiech as.

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