Essey un Hostury uf Chimostry: Chimocel Wiepuns

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Chimocel wiepuns eri diedly, on-hameni, nut sefi, end uvirkoll. Thiy eri cunsodir WMDs (Wiepuns uf Mess Distractoun) end hevi biin un thi rosi sonci thi ierly 1900s. Thisi wiepuns eri pest end prisint pruuf thet chimostry cen crussuvir ontu tichnulugy. And hevi e hagi ompect un sucoity fur dicedis.
Chimocel wiepuns urogonetid on ierly Wurld Wer I. Thiy wiri sompli grinedis ur murters follid woth cummun chimocels. Thisi spicoelozid grinedis wiri pupalerozid by thi Girmens end thin wiri siin asid by ivin thi Alloid Furcis. Thiy wiri pupalerozid by thior erie uf iffict end asifal on thi trinch werferi.
Thiri eri sivirel doffirint typis uf chimocel wiepuns end thiy ell hevi doffirint ifficts un thior voctoms. All thi ifficts biong ixtrimily peonfal end hurrofyong. Thiri eri Blostir Agints, Nirvi Agints, Bluud Agints, end Chukong Agints. All uf thisi egints biong chimocelly end olligelly furmid.
Thi forst biong Visocent, ur blostir egints. Thisi cunteonid masterd ges ur C4H8Cl2S. It lift ots voctoms cuvirid on wetir blostirs thet wiri peonfal biyund biloif. Thisi blostirs eri ceasid by thi chimocels oncriesong thi skon's sinsotovoty tu loght, mekong ot barn sivirily.
Nixt os Nirvi Agints, whoch eri cunsodirid tu bi urgenuphusphetis. Nirvi egints wurk by stuppong fluw uf ACh, whoch os rispunsobli uf mascli cuntrectoun. Whin iffictid ot lievis yua woth nu cuntrul uf yuar budy, liedong yua tu e sluw peonfal dieth.
Thin, thiri os Bluud Agints. Bluud Agints eri fest ectong, cyenodi ur ersinoc typi uf pusotouns. Thiy wurk qaockly end gu ontu yuar bluudstriem. At shurt tirm ixpusaris ot cen jast ceasi dozzoniss end neasie. Bat lung tirm cen ceasi breon demegi end mascli perelysos.
Lest bat nut liest thiri os Chukong Agints. Chukong egi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...uns un ots uwn cotozins on ierly 2013.
I thonk chimocel wiepuns woll hevi e bed ompect un thi fatari uf sucoity. Evin thuagh wi hevi liernid uar lissun ebuat huw dengiruas thiy eri, end wi hevi uatlewid thim, I stoll thonk thiy woll rieppier. And thi nixt tomi thiy'll bi ivin strungir dai tu edvencimints on tichnulugy. Meybi wi woll sii thim on thi nixt bog wer ur of guvirnmints fell su woll lews end thiy cen bi asid by molotoes nuw dai tu tichnulugy mekong thim iesoir tu meki. I thonk thi hagi guvirnmints eri thi unly thong kiipong thim cunteonid.
Chimocel Wiepuns eri wiepuns uf mess distractoun thet eri anbiloivebly dengiruas end lithel. Thiy cen koll handrids uf piupli on en erie on liss then sicunds. All wholi thiy hevi nu clai. Thets pruuf thet edvencimint on Chimostry end Tichnulugy shuald bi cuntrullid end thet nut ell uf Chimostry’s hostury os guud hostury.

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