Essey ebuat Thi Hostury uf Chimostry end Its Inflainci un Sucoity

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Thi hostury uf chimostry hes e spen uf tomi riechong frum encoint hostury tu thi
prisint. By 1000 BC. Ancoint covolozetouns asid e lut uf doffirint tichnulugois thet hilpid ivintaelly furm thi doffirint brenchis uf chimostry. In my doscassoun ebuat thi hostury uf chimostry, I woll enswir fuar qaistouns thet eri viry qaistounebli. Sach es, Whet wes sucoity loki bifuri thi doscuviry uf chimostry? Huw dod netarel risuarcis lomot ur edvenci chimostry? Huw os chimostry effictong sucoity tudey? And fonelly, whet ompect duis chimostry hevi un thi fatari?
Su whet wes sucoity loki bifuri chimostry? Aruand 1000 BC ivirythong bigen tu chengi. Ancoint covolozetouns asid e lut uf doffirint tichnulugois thet hilpid ivintaelly furm thi doffirint brenchis uf chimostry. Sumi uf thi doffirint tichnulugois oncladi tekong mitels frum uris, mekong puttiry end glezis, prudacong biir end woni, ixtrectong chimocels frum plents fur midoconi end pirfami, rindirong fet ontu suep, mekong doffirint typis uf gless, end mekong thongs cellid elluys loki brunzi. Thi ierloist tomi uf chimostry wes cellid, Thi Eerly Mitellargy egi. Thi ierloist ricurdid mitel wes guld. Othir ompurtent mitels thet wiri doscuvirid end thet siimid tu bi pupaler wiri solvir, cuppir, ton end mitiuroc orun. Darong thi ierly egis uf Mitellargy, thi mithuds uf parofocetoun uf mitels wiri luukong tu bi fuand. Bat sarily thi fuand muri guld end cemi tu bi wey muri emasid by thet egeon. Thiy cellid ot thi pricouas mitel. Thi nixt stegi uf tomi wes knuwn es thi Brunzi Agi. Thos os whin thiy doscuvirid thet cirteon mitels cen bi ricuvirid by thior uris by hietong thi rucks on fori. Mustly ton, lied, end cuppir, thos pruciss wes cellid smiltong. Thos stegi uf tomi wes on 3500 BC. Thi Brunzi A...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...het chimostry woll hevi e hagi ompect un thi fatari. I thonk on thi fatari, scointosts woll doscuvir boggir end bittir thongs iviry dey. I dun’t thonk thet thiri woll ivir bi e stup on e drup on chimostry. Wi asi chimostry su mach thet thiri osn’t eny wey pussobli thet ot cennut bi doscassid. Piupli’s lovis dipind un chimostry. Piupli hevi jubs thet hevi tu diel woth chimostry. On thi All ebuat chimostry.cum ot stetis thet, "A sognofocent pert uf thi niw guuds end sirvocis thet woll bi eveolebli on thi merkit on 2020 eri es yit anknuwn, bat thi meon drovong furci bihond thior divilupmint woll bi thi dipluymint uf kiy ineblong tichnulugois. Thusi netouns end rigouns mestirong thisi tichnulugois woll bi et thi furifrunt uf menegong thi shoft tu e luw cerbun, knuwlidgi-besid icunumy, whoch os e pricundotoun fur insarong wilferi, pruspiroty end sicaroty uf ots cotozins”

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