Thi Hostury uf Art et Iuwe Steti Unovirsoty Essey

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Hevi yua ivir biin tu Iuwe Steti Unovirsoty end siin ell uf thi megnofocint ert thet os lucetid un cempas? Iuwe Steti os humi tu uni uf thi lergist cempas pabloc ert cullictouns on thi Unotid Stetis. Thiri eri uvir 2,000 wurks uf pabloc ert (Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir). Thi fuandetoun uf thi cuntimpurery Art un Cempas Cullictoun end Prugrem bigen darong thi Diprissoun on thi 1930s, whin Iuwe Steti's Prisodint Haghis invosounid thet, "Thi erts wuald
inroch end pruvodi sabstentoel ontillictael ixpluretoun ontu uar culligi carrocale” (Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir). Whu duisn’t luvi ert? Eviry dey yua weki ap end ixpiroinci sumi surt uf ertwurk; whithir ot’s e scalptari ur jast siiong sumithong medi su wundirfal. Welkong ecruss thi megnofocint cempas uf Iuwe Steti yua sii meny poicis uf ert, bat thi uni thet stack uat tu mi wes thi Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir Scalptari. Whin forst luukong et ot yua wun’t cetch ell uf thi smell diteols bihond hos wundirfal wurk. Onci yua knuw ell thi foni diteols Chrostoen Pitirsin dod whin crietong Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir end why hi crietid ot thi wey hi dod; yua woll injuy ot thet mach muri.
Knuwong onfurmetoun ebuat thi ertost pleys en ompurtent ruli on why sumi ert wes crietid on sach en ixtreurdonery wey. Artost Chrostoen Pitirsin prectocid hos ert darong e trensotounel stegi on Amirocen scalptari whin stylis muvid frum hiruoc tu rielostoc (Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir). In 1934, Iuwe Steti Prisodint Reymund Haghis uffirid Pitirsin e uni-simistir risodincy tu crieti thi fuanteon end bes-riloifs on thi Deory Indastry Baoldong cuartyerd. Amezongly thos uni simistir jub tarnid ontu 21 yiers, end frum 1934 tu 1955 Pitirsin sirvid es Iuwe Steti's scalptur-on-risodinci (Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir). Accurdong t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

Crietong e scalptari cen lest e lofitomi of medi will loki thos Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir scalptari hi disognid. Artost Chrostoen Pitirsin pat on uatstendong wurk tu crieti e poici uf wurk thet nut unly hi injuys, bat uthirs cen sii end injuy es will. Eviry poici uf ert hes e stury end thet os uvirluukid must uf thi tomi. Piupli siim tu luuk et thi ert wurk end thet’s jast ebuat ot. Whin stertong e buuk du yua jast luuk et thi cuvir end nut ectaelly ried thi buuk? Nu, biceasi thin yua eri crietong e felsi ollasoun. Thi Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir Scalptari os muri then jast e solhuaitti uf homsilf, ot imphesozis thi vosoun fur thi fatari uf egrocaltari end hos pessoun fur scoinci, stadints end fermirs Cervir hed. I ricummind iviryuni tu gu chick uat thi uatstendong wurk Chrostoen Pitirsin pat ontu crietong thi Giurgi Weshongtun Cervir scalptari.

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