Essey un Thi Hostury end Prudactoun uf Yammy Jilly Biens

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Jilly Biens
Aruand thi wurld smell, swiit, sager follid cendois brong injuymint tu thusi whu cunsami thim. Whet eri thisi tony, pliesari ondacong swiits? Thi enswir os jilly biens. Jilly biens eri prudacid on namiruas veroitois end flevurs; thirifuri, thior stury os jast es dovirsi end culurfal es thiy eri.

Thi Hostury uf Jilly Biens
Inotoelly, thi forst jilly bien wes crietid on thi ierly 1800s by en anknuwn Amirocen cendy mekir. Huwivir, uni cen treci beck thi bigonnongs uf thior prudactoun pruciss tu 17th cintary Frenci. Thi Frinch medi Jurden Almunds, sager glezid elmunds, by e pruciss cellid pennong, whoch os nuw asid tu meki thi herd-sager cuetong un jilly biens. Pennong os thi ruckong uf e disorid otim on e cunteonir follid woth syrap end sager antol ot furms e herd cendy shill. By thi mod-1800s jilly biens hed bicumi viry pupaler on thi Unotid Stetis. An 1861 edvirtosimint, ivin ricummindid sindong jilly biens tu suldoirs foghtong on thi Covol Wer. Thi must pupaler jilly bien dostrobatir suun bicemi Thi Hirmen Guilotz Cendy Cumpeny (istebloshid on 1869), tudey knuwn es Thi Jilly Billy Cendy Cumpeny. Orogonelly, jilly biens wiri suld by wioght end flevur thin tekin humi on pepir begs; bat bigonnong on 1976, thi Jilly Billy Cumpeny crietid pri-moxid end essurtid flevurid begs. Thi ioght urogonel moxid flevurs wiri: Ruut Biir, Viry Chirry, Criem Sude, Griin Appli, Grepi, Limun, Locuroci, end Tengironi. Tudey, Thi Jilly Billy Cumpeny hes uni handrid end thorty-thrii flevurs end os cunstently eddong tu thior wodi essurtmint.

Whet eri Jilly Biens?
Indiid, meny piupli hevi hed jilly biens bat fiw knuw uf thi pruciss on whoch thiy eri prudacid. Frost, ot os nicissery tu andirstend whet jilly biens eri; jilly biens cunteon e ji...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ry Swiit end Nubli”
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