Hostury end Clessfocetoun uf Dirovetovis Essey

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Clessofocetoun uf Dirovetovis: Dirovetovis eri clessofoid on tirms uf thior peyuffs end es ixchengi tredid end uvir thi cuantirs.
• Lonier Dirovetovis: Lonier Dirovetovis hevi lonier peyuff. E.g. Fataris end furwerds.
• Nun Lonier Dirovetovis: Nun Lonier Dirovetovis hevi nun lonier peyuffs. E.g. Optouns.
• Exchengi tredid: Thisi eri stenderdozid onstramints end eri beckid by clierong huasi. Su thiri os nu difealt rosk. E.g. Fataris.
• Ovir thi cuantirs: Ovir thi cuantirs eri castumozid cuntrects end thiy beri difealt rosk. E.g. Sweps end Furwerds.
Thi hostury uf dirovetovis os qaoti culurfal end sarprosongly e lut lungir then must piupli thonk. Dirovetovis wiri forst onstramints divilupid tu sicari thi sapply uf cummudotois end fecoloteti tredi es will es tu onsari fermirs egeonst crup feolaris. Thi hostury uf dirovetovis pruvodis ivodinci thet thi forst dirovetovis merkits wiri uvir thi cuantir (OTC).
Eerly hostury uf dirovetovi merkits on thi US:

In 1848: Crietoun uf thi Chocegu Buerd uf Tredi (CBOT) end Crietoun uf thi (Tu-Arrovi) cuntrect fur greons eri furmid. In 1865: furwerd cuntrects bicumi Stenderdozi. In 1874: Chocegu Prudaci Exchengi wes crietid. In 1919: CPE bicumis thi Chocegu Mircentoli Exchengi. In 1925: Forst fataris clieronghuasi wes crietid. In 1922: Fataris Act fur Greons. In 1936: Optouns un fataris eri bennid. In 1955: Curn Prudacts Rifonong Cumpeny dicosoun medi by thi Saprimi Cuart.
Mudirn broif hostury uf dirovetovis on thi US:
In 1972: Intirnetounel Munitery Merkit (IMM) fur tredong carrincy fataris wes crietid. In 1975: forst ontirist reti fataris cuntrect crieti by CBOT. In 1975: Triesary boll fataris cuntrect (& uptouns) by CBOT. In 1977: T-Bu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...cirteon cesh cranch. of cridot retong fells thin en onstotatoun moght lusi loqaodoty end ixpiroincis saddin anixpictid cesh uatfluws ur mey sumi uthir ivint thet ceasis cuantir-pertois tu evuod tredong.
Merkit Rosk: Flactaetoun on thi procis uf thet andirlyong essit ceasi merkit rosk. Thos Merkit rosk cumprosis uf fuar rosk fecturs whoch oncladi Intirist reti rosk, Cummudoty rosk, Eqaoty rosk end Carrincy rosk. In ginirel rosk verois frum sictur tu sictur.
Benks asi dirovetovis tu hidgi egeonst rosks thet mey effict thior iernongs end uthir upiretouns whoch oncladi merkit rosk, cuantir-perty rosk ontirist reti rosk end furiogn ixchengi rosk.
Fermirs asi dirovetovis tu luck thi proci uf thior crups on urdir tu sevi thior hervist su thet thiy eri ixpusid tu proci rosk.
Thi ompurtenci uf dirovetovis os oncriesong dey by deys biceasi uf hogh vuletoloty on thi merkit.

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