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Being that Hinduism is not really a belief system or not considers being a religion; it is a faith that is built on a combination of faiths along with Hinduism. Hinduism is known for its different form of tradition and beliefs that have changed over an extensive point of time. Hinduism consists of many different varieties, yet they all follow into line with the ancient scripture of Vedas. The Vedas is the religious text often followed by people that practice Hinduism, which is known as the foundation for where the people of India started. Part of Hinduism practices include some time of awareness of God as well from other category of gods searching for their blessings. Being that they worship different gods for blessing they are recognized in support of idol worshipping. When they worship their gods or goddesses it usually takes place at a temple or a section dedicated in their home. In the temple many of the symbols and ions symbolize the meaning of their cultural beliefs along with the scriptures of their religion. During this process of worshipping a sound and chanting style is done that lifts the person mind to the holy and divine thoughts. The essential notion of Hindu or the philosophical belief is that all creatures go through an unseen cycle of birth and re-born called the ultimate reality known as the Brahman. Hindu recognizes that they have many gods that represent different meanings of a reality.
Hinduism was not created in India but yet adopted from Muslims. During that starting off period Islam and Hinduism were conjoined together. Then Indian traders toke some of the beliefs or religion and adapted it to the Sanatana Dharma. Hinduism today is in control by the Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangh (RSS) influences the politics in India. RSS procedures act as an opposing tact towards the secularism set up by the India’s constitution. Now India constitution takes into consideration the different kinds of cultural and religion but having this information will not affect any politically situation not matter what religion they are. The Hindu fundamentals is nothing more than a cover a cover up for corruption and there for a societal influence on the political with the disguise of secularism even though it is not suppose to be effected by any religion. The religious organization feel that by having a hand in political parties they are able to restore any cultural or society activities.

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The leaders of RSS is maintaining to keep there religion urging to have all Christian missionaries be taken out of India and that all people from India are not Christian but Hindus. The RSS find it crucial that they get back to there cultural influence Hindu and adapt other religions to there current religion Hinduism. “There are estimated to be 12,000 RSS schools in India in which children are….. designed to promote bigotry and religious fanaticism in the name of inculcating knowledge of culture in the young generation (Fisher, 2005).”
“The desire for liberation from earthly existence is one of the underpinnings of classical Hinduism, and of Buddhism as well (Fisher, 2005).” There are many life goals to reach a high level of spiritual being. Dharma is the natural law or belief system that transcends realization. Thus making this the highest of all good doing by order of the cosmos. It is believed that a person through personal devotion from metaphysical order can separate from the materialistic world. Detaching from worldly possession by worshipping their gods is believed by scholars of religion that this is not always followed by the tradition Hinduism. Another Hinduism practice is Karma believing that what we do in this world can shape our future. The consequence of our actions in our life currently is what we have made it but also takes what we have done. With Karma they want to reach the ultimate ambition where they have gotten out of the cycle of life to where they reach the plateau of Moksha. By doing so they are no longer bind by the Samsara which is being birth and then re-birth. With Moksha they have accomplished no limits to space, time, and immortal absolute. To obtain spiritual liberation can take a lifetime or several lifetimes.

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