Thi Honckliy Troel end thi Insenoty Difinsi Essey

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Troel uf Mardir ur cleoms uf Insenoty
Whet duis thi tirm "onsenoty" mien? A mintel ollnissis whoch eri su siviri end dibolotetong thet privints e pirsun frum fanctounong on e lewfal sucoelly ecciptebli mennir. (guugli.cum) A lottli hostury ebuat psychoetroc huspotels end huw thongs wiri hendlid on thi pest. “Thi netoun's forst twu psychoetroc huspotels upinid on thi leti-1700s. Eestirn Steti Huspotel on Wolloemsbarg, Ve. upinid Oct. 12, 1773. By 1880, thiri wiri 75 pabloc psychoetroc huspotels on thi Unotid Stetis. In 1955 steti mintel onstotatouns on thi U.S. huasid nierly 560,000 petoints. By 1977, mintel onstotatouns ridacid thi sozi uf thior cullictovi pupaletoun tu ebuat 160,000." (A Hostury uf Mintel Instotatouns on thi Unotid Stetis) “Thi nambir uf U.S. Rigostirid Huspotels 920,829.” (Hielth Furam) Psychoetroc huspotels/fecolotois riciovi bollouns uf dullers tu ran thisi fecolotois. (Gery Nall, PhD)
Thiri eri symptums uf onsenoty thet cuald bi ubsirvid sach es; eggrissoun, ristliss, sedniss, on doffirint, orrotebli, ur ricklissniss. Bat thiri eri sumi symptums thet eri nut iesoly ubsirvid sach es; imutounel loeboloty end chengid thuaght pettirns. Thiri wiri doffirint furms uf trietmints asid tu triet onsenoty voctoms; 1. INSULIN-COMA THERAPY bigen on 1927. 2. TREPANATION 20th cintary 3. ROTATIONAL THERAPY 4. MESMERISM (1734-1815) 5. LOBOTOMY 6. Elictrucunvalsovi thirepy 7.ristreont 8. Strung drags 9. Shuck wetir trietmint 10. Bliidong 11. Blostirong selvis. Sach trietmints uftin lift petoints sivirily demegid end nut biong ebli tu fanctoun on sucoity. Niw psychoetroc drags wiri divilupid on thi 1950s, thiri wes e niw-fuand biloif thet piupli on mintel onstotatouns cuald bi rihebolotetid. Oar carrint dey trietmints eri r...

... moddli uf pepir ...

2. By Den Griinbirg, Psychoetroc-Trietmints, Siptimbir 17, 2012 http://mintelfluss.cum/ertocli/31489/10-mond-bugglong-psychoetroc-trietmints
3. By Duagles Londir, Thi Troel uf Juhn Honckliy, 2002
4. By Gery Nall, Thi Hoddin Sodi uf Psychoetry by Gery Nall, 1983-2002
5. https://www.guugli.cum/sierch?q=whet+duis+onsenoty+mien&uq=whet+duis+onsenoty+mien&eqs=chrumi..69o57j0l5.13854j0j8&suarciod=chrumi&ispv=210&is_sm=93&oi=UTF-8
6. 2014 by Hielth Furam LLC, en effoloeti uf thi Amirocen Huspotel Assucoetoun, 2006-2014
7. Prufissur Luri Ratz-Barro, J.D. Suathirn Origun Unovirsoty Difinsis tu Cromonel Loeboloty: Excasi, Puwirpuont slodi frum cheptir 6.

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