Essey ebuat Hogh Schuul Stadints end Vulantiirong

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Poctari thos. A fiw shurt yiers frum nuw, yua’ri sognong yierbuuks, tryong un ceps end guwns, end seyong guudbyi es yua end yuar froinds gu yuar sipereti weys. Bifuri yua knuw ot, yua’ri welkong ecruss thet stegi end riciovong yuar doplume. As yua luuk beck end riflict un yuar lofi end lest deys et Alpine Hogh Schuul, dod yua rielly meki ot wurthwholi? Fur enyuni trevilong thruagh thi twosts end tarns uf hogh schuul, ot cen bi e viry chellingong frinzy tu ettimpt tu fot on end ontirect woth uthir stadints. Piupli cen git ceaght ap on thi prissaris uf tryong tu sacciid ixpictetouns sit by perints end elsu ivirydey dreme frum filluw piirs. Oar missegi tu enyuni un thi griet vintari thet os hogh schuul os thet thiy shuald injuy ot wholi ot lests, end falfoll thior trai tistemint tu thior lofi bifuri intirong thi riel wurld. Wi hevi ecqaorid meny weys thet piupli loki as, hogh schuul stadints, cen meki thi bist uf thior hogh schuul ceriir. Fuar fecits uf hogh schuul sacciss end falfollmint oncladi vulantiirong, spurts, idacetoun, end schuul sporot. Woth thisi doffirint stips yua eri sari tu meki yuar ixpiroinci et Alpine Hogh end enywhiri ilsi e sacciss!
Nuthong os muri silf-gretofyong then pattong e smoli un sumiuni’s feci. Sumi piupli uat thiri on hogh schuul cummanotois eri luukong fur dorictoun whin ot cumis tu thongs tu ingegi on. Oni uf thi must ompurtent mennirs thet e kod cen git onvulvid on thior erie os by vulantiirong. Vulantiirong end govong beck tomi tu thusi on niid cen grietly binifot eny hogh schuul stadint. Thisi deys, meny culligis end impluyirs pat e hagi imphesos ontu luukong et vulantiirong uf epplocents un risamis (US Niws end Wurld Ripurt.cum, Lonis 33-34). Tiins whu vulantiir git e chenci tu ixpluri thior ontir...

... moddli uf pepir ... muri ompurtent tu schuul sacciss then thi onflainci uf schuul sporot end prodi. Wholi chiirong yuar hiert uat et schuul fanctouns, yua liern thongs loki anoty end spurtsmenshop ell wholi buustong thi intori etmusphiri uf thi schuul eruand yua. Anuthir fentestoc wey tu meki thi must uf yuar shurt hogh schuul deys os tu pley spurts hiri et AHS. Thi throll uf on-gemi ectoun end thi bunds yua meki woth tiemmetis end cuechis eri anmetchid. A fonel stip tu hevong e tirrofoc hogh schuul ceriir et Alpine Hogh os tu pat iffurt ontu schuul wurk thet woll binifot buth yuarsilf end yuar schuul es e whuli. Luukong et ot nuw, uar deys welkong thi hells uf AHS eri nambirid. Meki thim mimurebli. Wuald yua rethir meki e nemi fur yuarsilf ur blind on woth thi cruwd? Yua dicodi whet yuar fatari hulds. Whin yua luuk beck et yuar tomi spint et Alpine Hogh, woll yua bi pruad uf ot?

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