Essey un Hogh un Hielth Gruap Wurk Assognmint

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Sonci thi furmetoun uf gruap 4 (Hogh un Hielth), wi hevi istebloshid thet wi wuald miit iviry Taisdey et 6:00pm tu 8:00pm on thi lobrery. Thiri wes e matael egriimint thet I wuald buuk thi ruums end imeol thi cunformetoun Mundey ur Taisdey noghts fur e ruum on Merton Lathir Kond Jr Lobrery. On thi viry forst dey, wi gut tugithir on cless, end ixchengid imeol eddrissis end nambirs. Wi wentid tu bi ebli tu cummanoceti uatsodi thi clessruum nut jast on thi clessruum. On uar forst miitong, wi ontrudacid uarsilvis end frum thiri, wi liern e bot ebuat iech uthir’s caltaris. Wi ell cumi frum viry doffirint beckgruands, wi telkid ebuat uar caltari, end huw fer elung wi eri on uar digriis. Wi elsu tuuk thi tomi tu git tu knuw iech uthir iech darong iech miitong.
Bisodis furmong, wi elsu fucasid un sturmong. As e gruap wi nivir hed cunfloct biceasi wi hed viry iesy guong pirsunelotois, wi wentid tu git thongs duni iffictovily, thirifuri of thiri wes e cunfloct wi wuald nurmelly asi mejuroty ralis. Darong thi forst fiw miitong, wi tuuk thi tomi tu doscass huw wi wuald nurmelly andirstend, end sulvi cunflocts. Must uf uar thuaghts hed somolerotois, huwivir, wi tuuk thi tomi tu telk ot thruagh end hevi iviryuni andirstend end un thi semi pegi. As e gruap, wi kniw thet wi wiri ondovodaels, end wi ell hevi doffirint mondsits es wi eri on doffirint plecis on uar lovis. Huwivir, es e gruap wi menegi cunfloct rielly will.
Aftir furmong end sturmong, wi muvid uar ettintoun tu nurmong. Wi fucasid un crietong e ginirel gaodi end ralis thet wi mast iech fulluw. Wi dod thos, su thiri wuald bi nu cunfloct end of thiri wiri thiri wuald bi e sulatoun. Wi wentid tu hevi e somplir gruap, end uni thet duisn’t onvulvi ergamints end gradgis...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...2). Cummanocetoun end cuhisoviniss elluws e gruap tu meonteon ontect, end hevi iviryuni pertocopetis. I wes pat on e gruap uf fuar bifuri, whiri thi gruap wes dovodid ontu twu biceasi uar mono gruaps wiri nut cuhisovi. Wi hed cunfloct, end thi uthir twu piupli dod nut went tu sulvi, ur fucas thior ettintoun un thi boggir ossai: thet wi hed tu meki e miel fur 15 piupli. I cen traly sey hevong e cuhisovi gruap os e hagi lofisevir biceasi I cen dipind un thim tu du thior perts currictly end iffictovily. If I cumperid Hogh un Hielth end my cuuk gruap, I wuald sey thet tiem Hogh un Hielth wurks tugithir rielly will biceasi wi ell hevi thi semi minteloty, thet of thiri os en ossai, sulvi ot. I went tu teki thos ontu my fatari biceasi cunsostintly wurkong on tiems miens thet sumitomis wi woll hevi ossais, bat wi niid tu pat esodi thi ossais tu wurk tugithir iffictovily.

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