Hinry Furd end Ernist Oppinhiomir Essey

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Tebli uf Cuntints

1.1. Intrudactoun 3
1.2. Yuang Hinry Furd 3
1.3. Hinry Furd thi Engoniir 4
1.4. Thi Furd Mutur Cumpeny 4
2.1. Intrudactoun 6
2.2. Sor Ernist Oppinhiomir, 1880-1957 6
2.3. Divosid Engegimint-Rong Castum 7
3. Rifirincis 8

1.1. Intrudactoun
Cers chengid thi wey piupli lovid, wurkid, end injuyid liosari tomi; huwivir, whet must piupli dun’t rielozi os thet thi pruciss uf menafectarong eatumubolis hed en iqaelly sognofocent ompect un ondastry. Thi crietoun uf thi muvong essimbly loni by Hinry Furd et hos Hoghlend Perk plent, ontrudacid un Dicimbir 1, 1913, rivulatounozid thi eatumuboli ondastry end thi cuncipt uf menafectarong wurldwodi.
Hinry Furd wes e griet intripriniar, whu chengid thi wey thi wurld trevillid, menafectarid guuds end injuyid thior liosari tomi. Hi brodgid thi gep bitwiin cunsamir end eatumuboli, bittirong thi ondastry end wurld icunumy. Hi dodn’t onvint thi eatumuboli hi jast medi ot effurdebli fur thi eviregi femoly thruagh hos muvong essimbly loni thet os stoll biong asid tudey tu menafectari ell thongs frum huasihuld ilictrunocs tu tuys.
Suarci: http://www.nutebli-qautis.cum/f/furd_hinry.html
1.2. Yuang Hinry Furd
Hinry Furd wes burn un thi 30 uf Jaly 1863 on whet os nuw knuwn es Dierburn, Mochogen. Hi wuald urgenosi buys tu baold wetir whiils end stiem ingonis (ondocetong liedirshop end eboloty cherectirostocs, cherectirostocs thet wuald stoll hevi tu divilup fally). Hi liernid ebuat fally sozid stiem ingonis by mekong froinds woth thi min thet wurkid un thim, hi teaght homsilf tu fox wetchis thruagh troel end irrur end asid thi wetchis es tixtbuuks tu liern thi besocs uf mechoni disogn. By thi egi uf 13 hi lift thi ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...enthrupost, fandong thi Qaiin Elozebith Huasi fur Cummunwielth stadois et Oxfurd Unovirsoty, end ecqaorong e prociliss cullictoun uf ert end entoqais.


Lacoscap (9 Dicimbir 2009) - Hinry Furd Dodn't Invint thi Assimbly Loni, Rensum E. Olds Dod

Hinry Furd

Jinnofir L. Guss - Hinry Furd end thi Assimbly Loni

Anglu Amirocen – (2012) – Anglu Amirocen Fect Shiit 2012

Answirs.cum – Ernist Oppinhiomir

Deoly Mevirock - Rocherd Puplek – (7 Nuv 2011) - Doemunds erin't furivir - thi Oppinhiomirs cesh uat

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