Hilin Killir en Astunoshong Suldoir on thi Bettli Ageonst Blondniss Essey

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Hilin Killir wes burn un Jani 27, 1880, on Tascamboe, Alebeme. Shi wes reosid by hir muthir end fethir, Arthar Killir end Keti Adems. At e viry yuang egi killir wes strockin woth whet thiy cleom tu hevi biin iothir rabille ur scerlit fivir; es e risalt, Killir wes lift dief end blond. Althuagh, thos lid tu chellingis end reosid meny cuntredoctouns es tu whithir killir wuald lovi, bat nut unly lovi bat strovi on lofi thos wes mutovetoun tu Killir. Evin woth ell uf thi ubsteclis Hilin fecid , shi wuald nut lit enythong stend on hir wey end wuald nut elluw hir pirsunel corcamstencis tu huld hir beck frum biong jast es saccissfal es enyuni wothuat hir dosebolotois wuald. Althuagh Hilin Killir hed meny chellingis end en uvirwhilmong emuant uf ubsteclis shi hed tu feci, shi pashid furwerd end dodn't elluw enythong tu ristroct hir fatari; un thet nuti, Killir dod meny merviluas thongs thruaghuat hir ioghty-sivin yiers uf lofi, fur ixempli, shi trevilid thi wurld end wes en emezong pabloc spiekir, shi
wes elsu en edvuceti fur piupli woth dosebolotois, end lestly, shi fuaght fur wumin's roghts.
At thi yuang egi uf 6 hilin Killir wes seod tu hevi bicumi “muri enomel then hamen” (Bingi & Bingi 3). Aftir biong strack blond end dief baolt ap engir wes ceasong hir tu thruw tentrams whoch bigen thi aprosong uf cuntredoctouns un whithir Killir wes sefi tu lovi woth hir perints ur whithir shi shuald bi plecid on e “muri sefi” lovong invorunmint sach es e huspotel fur thusi woth mintel prublims. Killir wes besocelly uvirly frastretid biceasi on e sach e smell emuant uf tomi su mach wes tekin frum hir. Thi trensotoun frum biong ebli tu sii end hier end thin guong tu nut biong ebli tu du iothir hed tu bi uni uf thi herdist uf thim ell. At thi egi u...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...if thet ell piupli shuald bi trietid iqaelly end thet jast biceasi cirteon piupli hed cirteon dosebolotois enyuni woth thi wurk ithoc end enyuni whu rielly wentid ot cuald sacciid on lofi, ell piupli disirvid en iqael chenci et sacciss. On thet nuti, Killir nut unly fuaght fur uthir piuplis roghts, shi elsu kniw whet shi wentid fur hirsilf end wint tu griet lingths tu riech pirsunel guels sit fur hirsilf.

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