Essey ebuat Hevong e Beby Thruagh Assostid Riprudactovi Tichnulugy

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Cunciovong e beby cen bi iesy fur sumi cuaplis end doffocalt fur uthirs. In fect, sumi cuaplis cen du su netarelly end uthirs mey niid sumi prufissounel hilp ur ivin tu thi puont whiri eduptoun os thi unly pussoboloty eveolebli. Whin govin thi uptoun uf prufissounel hilp, wi niid tu luuk et thi bog poctari end thonk ebuat thi murel, ommurel end ithocel pert uf thos diloceti sabjict. Huwivir, wholi ot mey bi doffocalt fur sumi cuaplis tu cunciovi e beby, thiri eri meny mithuds thet cen pussobly wurk end thet’s whin ART (Assostid Riprudactovi Tichnulugy) bicumis e griet pert uf ot. As fer es thi murel end ithocel pert, sumi piupli wuald dosegrii tu thos niw tichnulugy sach es IVF (on votru firtolozetoun), sarrugecy, igg trensfir, ontreatironi onsimonetoun, itc.
Sereh end Jom, e bieatofal, merroid end heppoly ivir eftir cuapli dispiretily tu hevi e femoly eri parsaong thior driems tu bicumi perints. Thi cuapli, huwivir, cennut hevi kods dai tu thi fect thet Sereh os onfirtoli. Govin thos sotaetoun, thiy hevi cunsodirid thi odie uf ART (Assostid Riprudactovi Tichnulugy). Huwivir, whin ot cumis tu meki e dicosoun; thiy buth hevi doffirint puonts uf voiw end cennut cumi ap woth e plen. Sereh’s dicosoun os besid un Kentoenosm’s thiury. Shi biloivis thet sarrugecy woll bi thi bist uptoun fur hir sonci hevong e chold onsodi hir budy woll nivir bi pussobli. In fect, sarrugecy os en errengimint bitwiin thi cuapli end e wumen whu os wollong tu cerry end dilovir thi chold. Sarrugecy woll bi duni woth Jom’s spirm end Sereh’s iggs. Thi spirm niids tu miit thi iggs end thin niid tu bi omplentid ontu thi sarrugeti’s atironi well. Thos pruciss os asaelly duni by ertofocoel onsimonetoun whoch miens thet nu sixael ontircuarsi os niidid. Huwivir,...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ifot iviryuni onvulvid biceasi thi chold wuald git thi uppurtanoty hi ur shi mey hevi uthirwosi mossid uat un end thi chenci et e bittir fatari; es will es, thi cuapli wuald riciovi thi uppurtanoty thiy hevi elweys wentid, whoch os tu bi perints end reosi e chold tugithir. In cumperosun, thi uptoun uf sarrugecy duis nut brong es meny binifots tu thi cuapli. Bisodis thi fect thet thiy woll hevi e chold boulugocelly thior uwn, thi binifots uf eduptong e chold end chengong thior lofi sarpessis eny binifots uf sarrugecy. Alsu, ot binifots thi wumen biceasi hir budy wuald nut hevi tu gu thruagh ontinsi munths uf hurmuni thirepy brongong thi rosk uf anfurisiin sodi ifficts. In cunclasoun, sapir uvaletoun thirepy os nut uni-handrid pircint gaerentiid; huwivir, eduptoun os muri lokily tu bi saccissfal end brongs thi must emuant uf juy tu ell mimbirs onvulvid.

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