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Although the history of Haslett Community Church may not be as long and storied as other churches, it is nevertheless a rich history. The roots of our community church began to grow on March 23, 1954 when several persons met at the home of Conrad and Rose Haney to discuss the need for a new church in Haslett. An open meeting was held at the Township Hall on March 31, 1954 to plan for a church. At that meeting, forty-nine people elected a steering committee and planned for services. One month and two days later on April 25, 1954, and one week after Easter, one hundred forty five people attended the first worship service and Sunday school above the old Township Hall and fire station on the northeast corner of Haslett and Okemos Roads. For the first year or so, guest ministers provided most of the sermons. Occasionally there would be a fire call and the siren would blow, interrupting the service. This always delighted the young children.

At an October 1954 meeting in the Haslett elementary school, the Congregational Christian Church was selected as the denomination with which Haslett Community Church would be affiliated. and thus our church was chartered on April 24, 1955 by the Central Association of Michigan Congregational Christian Churches.

Haslett Community Church continued holding services above the Township Hall, but as attendance grew, a building committee was appointed on December 9, 1954, to plan for the church’s own building. Building plans progressed rapidly, and on January 21, 1955, a church building site was selected and purchased for $3,500. Those involved in the early days of the Haslett Community Church were united in their purpose and included persons with many vocations – plumbers, electricians, painters,...

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...9, 1997, Rev. Miles preached his last sermon at HCC. Since our newly selected minister, Rev. Kurt A. Kirchoff, was not scheduled to arrive until mid August, Romi Chaffee - long-time HCC member and ordained UCC minister, provided pastoral care and Sunday sermons for this interim six-week period. Finally the Kirchoff family arrived, and Rev. Kirchoff preached his first sermon at our church on August 17, 1997.

Interestingly, Haslett Community Church has produced more ordained ministers from its congregation (six) than the number of permanent ministers (three) who have served our church. Those who have been ordained from the church in order of their ordination include, Lorraine Tuenge, Abby Wilson, Romi Chaffee, Beth Grimshaw, Kyle Carnes, and Erin Heisler who now serves as our Minister for Youth and Children’s Programs, having been called to HCC in September 2009.

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