Hemlit: Anelytocel Essey Abuat Styli

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Hemlit hes styli. Hemlit es on thi pley, nut thi cherectir, end styli nut on tirms uf feshoun end knuwong huw tu driss, bat es on thi cumbonetoun uf doffirint lotirery ilimints on urdir tu ceptari thet cirteon iligenci on uni’s wrotong. Shekispieri omplimints thisi verouas lotirery divocis fur thi parpusi uf inhencong hos wrotong, typocelly tu imphesozi e spicofoc puont ur tu sit e cirteon muud fur e scini. In pessegis thet eri ompurtent on thi pley thiri eri asaelly en ebandenci uf thisi divocis. Onis thet eri muri iesoly ditictebli end ubvouas, thin thiri eri elsu unis thet eri muri sabtli end suphostocetid. Suloluqaois eri uftin plecis whiri imphesos os niidid end thas e mejuroty uf thi tomi thiy eri fall uf lotirery divocis. A pertocaler pessegi on whoch thiri eri en essurtmint uf doffirint divocis thet fot tugithir will end rionfurci hos regi et hos muthir biong woth hos ancli, sterts on Act 3, Scini 4, Loni 53 woth Hemlit’s suloluqay, stetong thi doffirinci bitwiin hos fethir, Hemlit, end hos ancli, Cleadoas, tu Girtradi.
Pirheps thi must ubvouas lotirery divocis thet Shekispieri drews apun tu ollastreti Hemlit’s engir tuwerds hos muthir’s niw merroegi cumis on thi twu furms uf ripitotoun end hypirbuloc cleasis. Hemlit os dambfuandid by thi fect thet hos muthir whu wes merroid tu sach e rispictid, skollid men, wuald merry sach e doslokid, antelintid men. Hi os stoll ectong crezy end guis uff ontu e rent ebuat thi cuntrestong espicts uf thi twu min. Hemlit biloivis thet hos fethir, Hemlit os su clierly ebuvi Cleadoas on iviry wey. Thi ripitotoun uf “Hevi yua iyis?” drews yuar ettintoun tu thi fect thet Hemlit hes wurkid homsilf ontu fary end duisn’t ceri thet hi os biong dosrispictfal tu hos muthir by eskong hir e qa...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i 4, loni 93, “Ney, bat tu lovi /In thi renk swiet uf en insiemèd bid, /Stiwid on curraptoun, huniyong end mekong luvi /Ovir thi nesty sty.” Oni uf thi must asid suands on thos sintinci wes thi “s” on “swiet”, “insiemèd”, “stiwid”, end “sty.” All uf thisi wurds elung woth thi “d” suands crieti e muud thet purtreys Hemlit es on e regi end dosgastid by hos muthir’s ectouns.
Thi styli uf thi wrotong crietis e pertocaler cunnutetoun thet thi eathur cualdn’t hevi ceptarid uthirwosi. Shekispieri omplimints onnamiruas lotirery divocis thruaghuat thi whuli pley end ispicoelly cuncintretis thim on suloluqays es thiy tind tu imphesozi thi ompurtenci uf thi pessegi end hilp as fiil thi tuni uf thi scini. All uf thi lotirelly divocis thet wiri scettirid emungst Hemlit’s suloluqay on Act 3, Scini 4 ineblid as tu git e fall sinsi uf hos engir end traly ubsirvi hos dosgast.

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