Good Morning, Vietnam

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The film ‘Good Morning, Vietnam' is made based on a true story. Set in Saigon in 1965, the movie introduces us to Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams), an Air Force disc jockey who has been flown in from another assignment to a post at the center of the escalating conflict in Vietnam. The character is based on a real deejay who ran afoul of the military authorities in Saigon because of the on-air liberties he took with regard to matters of style and language and musical taste.
At the beginning part of the movie, it appears that the movie will be a comedic style. Cronauner he plays his radio station in an anarchic way. He has made fun of the political figures, even the president at that time, and even the weather. His style and music he plays has given the armies laughs and good time, while as the same time he antagonizes his immediate supervisors.
As the movie goes along further, the film introduces a Vietnamese girl Trinh that he fall in love with. Try to hook up with her, he has made friends with her brother Tuan, and teaches the English class that she was in. The movie at this point has embrace in some love comedy factors in it. Like his unique radio hosting style, he does not teach like the others but using American style and more often cuss languages. It might seem facially riotously funny, but in the deeper sense, I can not take the way that he portrayed
the American people. It is more than just to give them funny lectures of learning the language but it shows how Cronauner feels about the American people which I disagree with. People around the world cuss not just the Americans. Simply he could have other methods or tactics to teach the class. No means of having him to teach how good Americans are, but still no need to make fun of Americans to get other people's approval.
As Cronauner tries to win Trinh's heart, he befriends with her brother Tuan. They often hang out together. Cronauner even fight for him to get Tuan into a bar with usually only open to the Americans. The friendship between them saves Cronauner's life twice from the bombing of the restaurant to the rescue him from the jungle. While later Cronauner found out Tuan is one of the young boys that fought for the opposite side of American troops, Cronauner felt that he was betrayed by him.

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Conflict scene between Cronauner and Tuan that tells almost the whole message of the director he tries to tell us. Cronauner had given his friendship to Tuan, and questioned Tuan why he betrayed him. Tuan replied that American people come from miles from home and here to kill his families. Tuan also referred Vietnamese people as little people that do not mean anything to the American people. At that time, American people believe that they are there to fight for the spread of communism, the good of the Vietnamese people. But who granted us the right to interfere other countries conflict; do they really need us there? We do kill their families for their good?
There was another scene that inspires me when Cronauner encounters several truck load of men on their way to battle. At first reluctant to talk to them, Craunauner realizes how much his radio show means to the troops. But gradually he came to a moment that knowing his conflict with his supervisor does not mean anything compare to those troops who are on the way to battlefield. It is valuable that he is learning throughout the film and while we learn along with the character.
Unlike the other war movies, this movie is a more in comedic style and a one man show of Robin Williams. It does not have much of battle scenes or bloody men. The film goes in local life of Vietnamese and what appeals us is the performance of Robin Williams. The character Cronauner he played has learned something from the beginning to the end. The change of emotion and struggles of the character is affectionate that brings our own feelings along such changes. Most of the war movies has shown the heroic scenes of Americans in battlefield or promote some degree of their greatness and being a world police. In this film what it promotes is no means of anti-American sentiment, but it simply shows us the truth and fact of the Vietnam War.
This movie has little elements of each. But the strongest message of the film is unlike what we used to perceive us as the world police, how much right that we have to interfere other countries affair. We do not give ourselves the title world police, but it should be given from other countries. We should not use the banner of grand reasons that only to the good of our own interest. The film was made back in year of 1987, that message was created at that time has link us to our politics of our countries at present days.
The film was created for not much of remembrance. Certainly the strongest message that tells us the new perspective of ourselves, but the message is given too obvious. It is laid there without any thinking or any knowledgeable interpretation. Such obviousness has trim down its effect. The movie might make us see the Vietnam War in different ways but the movie itself is not so much in remembrance.

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