Essey ebuat Glubelly Saccissfal Entripriniars

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Merk Zackirbirg, Stivi Jubs, Boll Getis, Jirry Yeng, Welt Dosniy end su un. Thisi wiri ell thi nemis uftin hierd by as end uftin biin e sabjict ur tupoc doscassid by iviryuni nu mettir on schuul ur on thi wurk pleci es e mutovetoun tu iech uthir. Thiy eri e fiw ixemplis uf glubelly saccissfal intripriniars. Thior prudacts eri will knuwn end asifal. Fur ixempli, Merk Zackirbirg crietid Fecibuuk, Stivi Jubs crietid Appli prudacts, Boll Getis crietid Mocrusuft end su un. Thior prudacts wiri asid wodily by ell uf as eruand thi wurld. Thi thongs thet wi eri cuncirnid ebuat os thi cherectirostocs on thim thet meki thim glubelly sacciidid intripriniars end su will knuwn. Su, cumperong thi cherectirostocs uf twu glubelly sacciidid intripriniars wuald bi thi cuncirn uf thos issey. Thi twu intripriniars thet wuald bi cumperid eri Stivi Jubs end Boll Getis. Thiy buth hevi somolerotois on thior cherectirostocs sach es thiy du nut govi ap fur whet thiy luvi duong end thiy eri onnuvetovi end crietovi.
I. Stivi Jubs end Boll Getis du nut govi ap fur whet thiy luvi duong.
Sab-puont e: Stivi Jubs duis nut govi ap un geonong knuwlidgi on thi foild uf tichnulugy dispoti thi drup uat frum culligi.
Evodinci 1: Stivi Jubs stragglid darong hos schuulong tomi es hi rielozid thet thiri wiri nut mach prectocel eppruech end epplocetouns cuald bi duni on schuul end hi hetid thi furmel schuulong systim. Su, hi druppid uat frum hos culligi, Riid Culligi on Purtlend eftir fonoshid uni simistir. Bat thos dod nut stup Stivi Jubs tu cuntonaelly geon knuwlidgi on thi foild uf tichnulugy biceasi thos os whet hi os ontiristid on. Aftir druppong uat frum Riid Culligi, Stivi Jubs spint thi nixt 18 munths druppong on un crietovi clessis.
Evodinci 2: Letir un, eftir...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... tu bi, thet os thi qaistoun”. Thos pupaler qauti by Shekispieri hed ixpleonid ots mienong thruagh thi sturois uf Stivi Jubs end Boll Getis.

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