Essey ebuat Glubel Wermong e Glubel Dolimme

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“Ridacong yuar hiet-treppong imossouns duis nut mien furguong mudirn cunvinoincis; ot miens mekong smert chuocis, asong inirgy-iffocoint prudacts, end andirstendong whoch eries uf yuar lofi ginireti thi must cerbun imossouns.” (Tin Pirsunel Sulatouns tu Glubel Wermong) A dicedi egu, glubel wermong wes nut mach uf e cuncirn es ot os nuw. Nu mettir huw mach wi eri onfurmid ebuat ot , wi es e sucoity siim tu ognuri thi fatari dosestirs thet glubel wermong woll ecqaori. Glubel wermong os e “glubel” dolimme end iviryuni hes en ublogetoun tu hilp ridaci imossouns.
Thos phinuminun hes e puwirfal ompect un uar clometi, uar hielth, end uar invorunmint. As clometis rosi, su woll dosiesis crietong muri dieths on thos wurld. Thi hiet woll werm uar wetirs ceasong thi oci ceps tu milt. Glubel Wermong cen elsu ceasi netarel dosestirs sach es harrocenis, druaghts, woldforis, end meny muri. “...thisi ompects woll cuntonai tu ontinsofy, gruw ivir muri custly end demegong, end oncriesongly effict thi intori plenit — oncladong yua, yuar cummanoty, end yuar femoly” (Glubel Wermong Impects). Thi wurld os elriedy on dengir lits du sumithong nuw bifuri ot wursins.
Thiri os saffocoint emuant uf ivodinci thet cen pruvi thet hamens eri thi meon ceasi uf glubel wermong. Whet tu du ebuat thos os thi qaistoun thet rimeons cuntruvirsoel (GWS) . Chuocis thet wi meki tudey es lottli es stuppong griinhuasi gessis tu imot woll meki e bog doffirinci on thi fatari. In eddotoun tu dicriesong thi emuant uf gesis wi imot wi cen elsu oncriesi thi emuant thet wi git rod uf. Plents end triis git rod uf CO2 thirifuri of wi chengi uar weys uf fermong end oncriesong furistlend wi cen sturi muri cerbun on e muri netarel wey. (glubel wermong sulatouns 1) Stuppo...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... on glubel imossouns. All uf thisi eri viry ompurtent stips thet wi cuald ell bi tekong tu stup glubel wermong end hevi e bittir fatari biceasi as es hamen wi eri nut duong uar jub tu kiip uar plenit sefi.
As en ondovodael thiri eri meny pirsunel sulatouns uni cen hevi. “Thi ruatoni dicosouns thet shepi uar deys — whet tu hevi fur donnir, whiri tu shup, huw tu git tu wurk — mey siim smell, bat cullictovily thiy hevi e bog iffict un glubel wermong.”(Tin Pirsunel Sulatouns tu Glubel Wermong) Meny ivirydey thongs cen hilp, ot mey nut siim loki ot bat ot cen meki e hagi doffirinci. Lottli thongs loki swotchong yuar rigaler loght balbs tu flauriscint balbs cen govi yua thi semi emuant uf loght fur 15% uf thi inirgy. A griet wey tu ridaci glubel wermong os tu spried thi wurd, jast omegoni of iviry Amirocen dicriesid thior imossouns thet, huw mach cen wi ell sevi?

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