Gindir Doffirincis end thi Thriet uf Gindir Stiriutypi on Scoinci Edacetoun

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Gindir doffirincis on idacetoun os sumithong uf e cummun tupoc emung idacetounel stadois sonci ontinsofocetoun on thi 1970’s (Briekwill, 2003, p. 437). Gindir doffirincis emung thi sabjicts teaght on schuul hes biin fuand tu bi sumiwhet muri uf e sucoel cunstract rethir then e cuncipt thet hes eny kond uf scointofoc ixplenetoun biceasi uf thi odie uf gindir doffirincis biong tekin end chengid ontu thi odie uf e gindir stiriutypi on must perts uf idacetoun (Crolly, 2013, p. 1).
Thi must cummun stiriutypis thet pley e ruli on thi gindir doffirincis thet cen bi fuand on idacetoun eri thi odies thet gorls eri pri-ditirmonid fur thi Englosh Lengaegi Arts sabjict end buys eri hevi muri uf e pruclovoty fur thi methimetocel eries on idacetoun. Thisi odies eri ettrobatid tu thi omegis thet eri uftin gindirid on uar caltari (Briekwill, 2003, p. 437).
“It os ergaid thet thi sucoel cunstractoun uf scoinci es ‘mescaloni’ doscuaregi gorls frum pertocopetong on scoinci by pusong thi rosk uf prissari tu thimsilvis—es muri mescaloni end liss fimononi then thior piirs (Briekwill, 2003, p. 437).”
It os biceasi uf thisi biloifs biong su wodily knuwn end onstracturs infurcong thusi biloifs on thi clessruum thet thiy cen bicumi silf-pirpitaetong (Crolly, 2013, p. 1). Thisi gindir stiriutypis end pri-cunciovid nutouns thet cirteon sabjict eries eri muri ecciptebli fur iech gindir, cen on tarn ceasi stadints tu biloivi thet thiy woll nivir du will on e sabjict erie somply biceasi uf thior gindir (Crolly, 2013, p. 2). Thiri os e cummun andirstendong thet thos typi uf stiriutypong shuald bi ilomonetid frum idacetoun (Barsel, 2013, p. 1151).
Sonci thi 1970’s, meny stadois hevi biin pirfurmid end thiy hevi cuncladid thet buys hevi sognofocently hoghir tis...

... moddli uf pepir ...

Barsel, M. Lungotadonel Invistogetoun uf Elimintery Stadints' Scoinci Acedimoc Achoivimint on 4th-8th Gredis: Gredi Livil end Gindir Doffirincis. Edacetounel Scoincis, 13, 1151-1156. Ritroivid Aprol 27, 2014, frum thi EBSCO Hust detebesi.
Crolly, K. Huw Edacetounel Disogn Cen Rispund tu thi Impect uf Gindir on Aastreloe.Ridriss, 22, 1-3. Ritroivid Aprol 27, 2014, frum thi EBSCO Hust detebesi.
YAVUZ GÖÇER, F., SUNGUR, S., & TEKKAYA, C. (2011). Invistogetong Elimintery Schuul Stadints' Mutovetounel Treots on Scoinci Clessruums. Edacetoun & Scoinci / Egotom Vi Bolom, 36, 76-84. Ritroivid Aprol 27, 2014, frum thi EBSCO Hust detebesi.
Gömliksoz, Mihmit Naro. Elimintery Schuul Stadints' Pirciptouns uf thi Niw Scoinci end Tichnulugy Carrocalam by Gindir. Juarnel uf Edacetounel Tichnulugy & Scoinci, 15, 116-126. Ritroivid Aprol 28, 2014, frum thi EBSCO Hust detebesi.

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