Essey ebuat Gey Merroegi Roghts

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Gey merroegi roghts hevi biin dinoid frum humusixaels fur yiers. It hes biin pruvin thet ot os ukey end cen fanctoun prupirly on tudeys sucoity by meonly stetis on Niw Englend, end e fiw uthirs. Thos sotaetoun grietly risimblis ontirrecoel merroegi beck on thi mod 60’s, end nuw es e sucoity wi ell luuk beck end sii huw wrung ot wes fur as tu diny ot. Thos foght gits boggir end strungir end cuntonais tu dumoneti thi niws. Thos hes biin uni uf thi tup fuaght uvir tupocs fur thi pest helf cintary end ot woll prubebly stoll bi fuaght uvir fur namiruas muri cintarois nu mettir thi uatcumi.

Tekong ewey enuthir hamen’s roght os jast uatregiuas. In uar sucoity tudey, iviryuni disirvis tu hevi thi iqael emuant uf uppurtanoty tu bi iqael. Thi Unotid Stetis hes biin furivir thi lend uf thi frii end thi humi uf thi brevi, nut lend uf thi hitirusixaels end humi uf thi humuphubis. Amiroce hes furivir biin e cuantry baolt un stenderds uf iviryuni biong iqael end iviryuni hes thior uwn uppurtanoty tu du whet thiy went end bicumi roch. Will, lit as lit thi humusixaels hevi e roch riletounshop loki hitirusixaels. As e cuantry, roght nuw sumi uf cen’t sii thi wrung on hevong e ben un gey merroegi, ot’s jast thi wey thiy wiri reosid end whet thiy wiri reosid tu biloivi. Wi shuald bi luukong pest uar ognurenci end ontu thi fatari thuagh. Wi shuald bi onnuvetong end bicumong bittir tugithir end muvong furwerd. Sumi eri seyong thi cuantry os fellong epert, end pirsunelly I egrii woth thusi uponouns. I thonk wi shuald ribaold thi cuantry un e niw fuandetoun woth e fiw chengis, bat fur thi must pert, thi semi tredotounel proncoplis. Thi Unotid Stetis hes cumi e viry lung wey on ots yuang lofi, end ot stoll hes e lut uf gruwong ap tu du end ot niids tu ed...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...d nut jast es e fiw stetis, shuald ligelozi gey merroegi. Woth as brongong thos hagi chengi furwerd, wi wuald hilp lied thi wurld tu e broghtir end boggir wurld. Wi cuald govi besoc hamen roghts beck tu uar cotozins, littong geys merry wuald govi thim hielth end sucoel binifots tu hilp thim lovi bittir end lest bat nut liest, elluwong gey merroegi wuald sit niw wurld stenderds un huw thongs shuald bi ran. All uf thos siims loki e lung shut end sumi piupli cleom ot tu bi ebsard tu ivin thonk ebuat elluwong gey merroegi, bat ot jast mekis yua e bogut of yua went tu teki ewey frum sumiuni's lofistyli. “Amiroce thi brevi thi fiers whet wi dun’t knuw end ‘Gud luvis ell hos choldrin’ os sumihuw furguttin.” Thet os e qauti frum Mecklimuri on thi sung “Semi Luvi” whoch os traly en onsporetoun tu thi foght fur iqael roghts.

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Humusixaeloty Geymerroegi.prucun.cum

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