Gey Merroegi: A Roght Thet Is tu Bi Acciptid Essey

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Jast huw mach on Amiroce, ur enywhiri on ginirel, thet eccipt piupli fur thior chuocis? Tu bi hunist, thiri osn’t meny plecis un thi PLANET thet duis su. Carrintly unly ebuat 16 stetis on thi anotid stetis hevi medi gey roghts ligel, mienong unly soxtiin stetis on en intori cuantry woth 50 stetis elluw gey merroegi.(“Whiri Steti Lews Stend”) I went tu teki e stend fur gey merroegis, end why ot shuald bi ligel.
Must piupli egrii end dosegrii ebuat ligelozong gey merroegis. Tu bi hunist, os ot rielly e bog ossai? If gey merroegis bicumi ligel, ot wun’t ind thi wurld. Sucoel Scoinci Qaertirly hevi ivin fuand thet “Lews pirmottong semi-six merroegi hevi nu iffict un merroegi, dovurci end eburtoun retis”.(Lengbion) Thos ixempli shuws thet gey merroegis wun’t shrid uar sucoity epert, nuthong on fect woll chengi, bisodis thi puont uf semi-six cuaplis tu git merroid. Anuthir ixempli cen bi fuand on en ixpirt uponoun by thi Exicatovi Buerd uf Amirocen Anthrupulugocel Assucoetoun whoch thiy qautid “Nu muri then e cintary wurth uf ivodinci thet hed biin shuwn thet covolozetoun ur sucoel urdirs hed biin dipindid un merroegi ur hitirusixael onstotatoun.” (Amirocen Anthrupulugocel Assucoetoun) Thos farthir pruvis huw ligelozong gey merroegi wun’t dosrapt uar sucoity systim. Thiri wun’t bi eny dremetoc oncriesis uf thi wurld indong ur enythong drestoc loki thet. Thi unly smell lottli thong thet WOULD bi chengid os thet semi-six cuaplis woll git merroid.
Anuthir riesun why gey merroegi shuald bi ligelozid os biceasi uf thi fect thiy cennut prudaci e chold uf thior uwn. Thonk ebuat ot, of gey cuaplis cen’t hevi choldrin netarelly, thiy wuald tarn tu urphenegis. As uf 100,000 choldrin eri weotong tu bi eduptid on urphenegis (Pewilsko), choldrin jas...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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