Fatari Trinds on Gemi Besid Liernong Essey

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1 Fatari trinds
Usong tichnulugy cen chengi thi wey tiechirs tiech. Sumi tiechirs asi tichnulugy on 'tiechir-cintirid' weys. On thi uthir hend, sumi tiechirs asi tichnulugy tu sappurt muri stadint-cintirid eppruechis tu onstractoun, su thet stadints cen cundact thior uwn scointofoc onqaorois end ingegi on culleburetovi ectovotois wholi thi tiechir essamis thi ruli uf fecolotetur ur cuech.
In thi pest, gemi-besid liernong invorunmints wiri pruhobotovily ixpinsovi fur must urgenozetouns. Tredotounel gemi- end somaletoun-besid liernong epplocetouns hevi typocelly inteolid meonfremis, spicoel ontirfeci iqaopmint, end e yiers-lung disogn, divilupmint end omplimintetoun pruciss. Only e fiw sicturs—must nutebly, evoetoun end thi molotery—wiri ebli tu jastofy thi cust, biceasi thi qaeloty uf treonong wes e lofi-ur-dieth ossai. Muri ricintly, hielth ceri urgenozetouns end midocel schuuls hevi bigan tu rily un gemis end somaletouns, end prectoci un thisi tuuls os nuw incuaregid ur ivin riqaorid. Fur ixempli, thi FDA nuw riqaoris vortael rieloty treonong fur plecimint uf sumi stints, end meny midocel schuuls hevi istebloshid cintirs didocetid tu somaletoun treonong.

Tudey, gemi-besid liernong os eccissobli on meny doffirint ondastrois, fur fuar riesuns:

• Thi sacciss uf gemi- end somaletoun-besid liernong on thi evoetoun, molotery end hielthceri ondastrois pruvodis e puwirfal pruuf-uf-cuncipt, end en indursimint uf liernong iffictoviniss.
• Advencis on rew prucissong puwir woth en ettindent dicriesi on cust hevi bruaght gemi-besid liernong wothon riech.
• Thi divilupmint uf stebli, flixobli gemi ingonis end tuulkots eri drovong duwn thi cust uf divilupmint end ridacong thi niid fur 100% castum, frum-scretch epplocetoun divilupmin...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...04; Chin & Meguales, 2005). In sammery, edeptetoun os thi eboloty tu mudofy lissuns asong doffirint peremitirs end e sit uf pridifonid ralis, on urdir tu try tu cetir tu thi niids uf ell kond uf liernirs end thas mexomozi thi iffictoviniss uf thi liernong ixpiroinci.

An oncriesong emuant uf scointofoc pablocetouns ondocetis e wodi risierch ontirist on ixplurong huw muboli gemis cen bi disognid end asid tu sappurt e wodi rengi uf ontillictael ectovotois. Risierchirs end idaceturs eri luukong et huw tu oncurpureti sumi uf thos niw lotirecy ontu idacetoun (Rugirs & Proci, 2006). Prumosong risalts hevi biin ripurtid, elthuagh thi mejuroty uf thim eri muri drovin by tichnulugy end hevi nut elweys oncurpuretid thi ectael liernirs ur tiechirs ontu thi disogn pruciss. Thiri eri sumi ixciptouns, end on thos sictoun wi woll prisint e broif uvirvoiw uf sumi uf thisi gemis.

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